Tuesday, September 30, 2003

kiss my ass2
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StarChild: "Procrastination's like masterbation. It's fun at first but in the end you're only fucking yourself. :("
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Here's what happened yesterday...
...not much really. Did my usual morning dogs. Currently listening to Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. Getting to near the end of this one. She is really funny sometimes! Came home and farted around with HTML a bit. Talked to my sister on the phone and she told me the story of her porn buying experience. Seems she really needed a specific issue of Playboy for an article and took her cute little Lutheran self into Shinders to find it and elicited a few stares from the other porn purchasers. Plus saw a few things she'd rather not as she leafed thru the shelves looking for the issue she wanted. hehe Funny picture, my sister in the back room at Shinders.

Dinner with potential board members at Santorini last nite. One won't serve if the rabble rouser is on the board. I understand her feelings. Ran into a difference of opinion about whether Boarding at one's house is "Petsitting". I think it is, they don't. Weird. Also, they looked askance at my insurance situation and I guess I should look into the umbrella policy that the accounted suggested. My observation to the Rock Star this morning was: Some of them seem so paranoid about every little detail. Super strict detailed contracts and policy's and definitions, but at the same time actually believe in Pet Psychics. Actually pay them money... hmmm, I don't get it. But that's people for ya'. They didn't think Free Dog Island was funny, but I probly didn't do it justice when trying to explain the subtle humor of the site.

Running was better this morning. A good nite's sleep does wonders. Also it helped having a topic of conversation going instead of grumbling along about being out of bed, its cold, its hard, etc. 144 was the weight today. My period is almost over.

It's invoice time again... What are the chances I'll get anything done on them today? *laughs*
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Monday, September 29, 2003

Oh, By the Way...
It's invoice time again. *fanfare* Let the procrastination begin!!!
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How was Renaissance Festival?
It was fun!! Thanks for asking. We got out there Friday night around 10pm (Carrie stayed at our house with the animals) and unloaded our stuff and met a few people. Drew & Holly own the booth. Peter and Linda and their daughter Alysha. Carol. Ed and Kari and their daughter Jillian. Gene and there was one other woman whose name I never got, but everyone was very nice and funny. Weird driving the car onto the actual renaissance grounds and going behind the scenes!! Ed runs a pub thingy there and we saw lots of "interesting" (read freaky) people there. Slept well enough in our sleeping bags and then woke up to put on our costumes and actually do some work. There was breakfast and coffee and I had my very first Krispy Kreme doughnut (the first virginity to be lost that day). It was my first time working at Renfest so that virginity was lost and I laughed at Ed's jokes which apparently a first, so they said there was some more virginity lost. Gina had lent me most of what I needed for costume and Andy had a cloak for me. the Rock Star looked totally hot in a black flowing shirt with leather yoke and blue tights that had women's heads turning all weekend. He really was a glorious sight!! Working as a Stripper in the booth was great fun. I was nervous before we started, cuz I just didn't know what the hell we were supposed to be doing, but it was easy and I had no trouble talking to the people! I think we helped enhance the experience for the customers. We worked 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 1 hour on and then we were done for the night. There was plenty to eat and see and I resisted the urge to buy stuff! At the end of the day there was Drum Circle which I had no idea would be so fun. Just catch the rhythm and let loose!! A little hard to do in Birks, but oh well...Out of costume we headed to the awards (boring), then Ed's pub (dancing!!) then the rave like thing going on and then I drug my exhausted body to bed!! Whew! the Rock Star drug in all drunk and sleepy around 2am. Sunday there was breakfast of Linda McMuffins and coffee then we shopped around a bit and packed our stuff out. Drove home to meet Pat for lunch. A fine time was had and I'm looking forward to next year!!

MIL's surgery is on Thursday (4 days from now) and she is really excited about it.

Got my period while out at Renfest. I'd expected it. Two pregnancy tests had not shown the slightest trace of hCG so I was pretty sure the egg had eluded our sperm traps!! I was upset at first, but have since changed my frame of mind to think that now I have 1 more month (at least) to get in better shape.

Run/walk schedule was 1 min/2 min last week. Total of 7 min running. This week it is 1 min/1 min total of 10 min running. First time was this morning. Whew!! I was tired. I'm stiff and sore from sleeping on mats and being on my feet all day and dancing wildly wearing birks so it was pretty hard to get going. We're dehydrated from the week-end, too. Gotta drink that water!!!! But we did it!! I hope the endorphins kick in soon this morning *laugh*. 142.5, not bad after a weekend of Renfest food!!

Worked on HTML last night. I'm up to Frames now. A little more complicated. I downloaded TextPad and am trying it out. Very little UO, just BODs and GGS gains. Tried downloading a Linkware set for my Blog, but it didn't work right with the ad server on blogspot...gotta figure that out. Dinner with Jody & Jenn tonight at Santorini to discuss Petsitting Association.
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Friday, September 26, 2003

Who Does This Stuff, Anyhow?
Holy Charlie Chaplin on a cat's butt, Batman
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We Return
k, we've been back from the Badlands camping trip since Tuesday afternoon. Lots going on! The trip was great. Highlights were the 4.6 mile hike "Caprock Coulee" in the north unit and 3 mile hike "Jones Creek" in the south unit. Lots of prairie dogs, wild horses, buffalo and other interesting creatures were seen and photographed. Much good food was cooked over the campstove, notably: Bacon and eggs for breakfast and chicken breasts in chunky tomato sauce with cous-cous for dinner. A whole bag of Dove chocolates met its doom on this trip. The new 6 person tent performed pretty darn good. A little trouble with the door zipper, but everything else with it was great. Went up and down really easy! With all the junk in the car for this trip we realized the reason we can't take the dogs with us on car camping trips, namely: They won't fit!! Twas a fun trip!

Net weight loss for the trip too. I'm at 142 now. Diet and exercise are going great. I've been reading up a bit on running and it turns out we developed, on our own, the exact program recommended to beginning runners. I downloaded a little chart and if we follow it, we'll be up to 20 min straight of running in 10 weeks. I've even got really interested in doing a 5k race for the fun of it. There are a couple of them in December that we'll be ready for. The endorphins are addictive. I have had several really great days and feel totally beyond good!!

Read halfway thru HTML 4 for Dummies on the trip and have been messing with it since I got home. Its coming along well.

Even tho I was absolutely sure we were going to be pregnant this time, turns out probly not. I haven't gotten my period yet (day 28 of cycle) but a couple of pregnancy tests show no sign of HCG. I was very bummed for a few hours, but now have shifted my thinking to "well, another cycle to keep exercising and be in even better shape when we conceive." Read an article last nite on running thru pregnancy, and while precautions must be taken (watch nutrition and hydration and listen to my body) it look like I can keep up the run/walking program all the way through. No evidence that it will make delivery any easier, but it will definitely make getting back in shape easier!

Talking a lot with Jody and Jennifer about the new petsitting association we are starting. Holy crap one of the people on the list has gone off the deep end with minimum pricing as a requirement for entry into the group. I've mostly calmed myself now, but I was pretty steamed over some of the very insulting assumptions she bases her argument on. A vote for the board of the association will be held in a couple of weeks. I'll be running, but so will off the deep end woman. Her views are not supported, at least by any who've voiced and opinion. I personally think it would be good (but unpleasant) to have her on the board where she can be controlled somewhat. If her harebrained ideas are discussed and voted down, she may begin to understand she is the only one who feels that way. If she is loose in the masses, she can shout and rabble rouse all day and no one can shut her up.

the Rock Star and I are going to Renaissance Festival tonight and staying thru Saturday night. Carrie is staying with the dogs. I bought Birkenstock clogs to wear at renfest, but also cuz I wanted them. Meeting with Gina today to borrow costume.

Have not had much time for UO since returning. Collecting BODs is about all. Have read the boards only a little. No time for all that whining when there are more interesting things on the web!!!

Probly won't get back to this til after renfest...Hope we have a good time!!!
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Thursday, September 18, 2003

We Actually Leave.
We're on our way to the ND Badlands!!!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Getting Ready to Leave
Everytime we go on vacation its fun, but the hours leading up to actually leaving are awful. I've procrastinated on getting stuff done and now its 10 pm and I still have a long to-do list in front of me...
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Personal Mantra
Self improvement through introspection.

You can't change anyone, you can only change yourself.

Be the best person you can be.

Then be better than that.
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Just a day...
Wow!! Feels good to have the invoices done...

Exercise today: we ran more than we did yesterday. The whole thing is going really well, I feel a great sense of accomplishment on plan well executed. Was thinking how essential it is that we are doing this together. I stayed up an hour too late last night and would never have gotten out of bed if my gregsly didn't get me going... Weight: 144.0.

I'm gonna do an hour of mining in UO. The Trinsic event is set for 10/25 and we'll be in LA then, so I'm missing it. Gack. The Alternates first outing is 9/25 and we will be at Ren Fest, so I'm missing that too. Double Gack.
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Finally, jeez!!!
kk, got them done!!! Whew!! the Rock Star was proud of me when he came home, but wondered why I was so subdued. I told him I'd had to get pretty rough with myself to make me finish the invoices and my feelings were still hurt from all the harsh things I'd said to myself.

Been looking for a template to use for my blog. Lots of stuff out there, but haven't found the one yet.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Just do it!!!
k, this has to stop. I know as I say that, that it won't, but please for the love all that is [insert something here], why, why, why can't I make myself start the invoices? ARGHHHHHHH! We are leaving town in 2 days. I have to have everything done by then, besides the invoices there is laundry, packing, notes for the housesitter, and only about 10 bazillion other things and can you just take a wild fucking guess what I did all day today? Can you? I bet you can!!! I followed blog links and I checked out Blog templates and talked to long to those who came in contact with me, totally wasting all the time I could have been working on invoice. I will now post this and turn to the other computer and not come back to blogging or UO or the boards until the invoices are done!! I mean it. Don't think I don't!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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Monday, September 15, 2003

Canine Flatulence
So we're sitting here and the Big Dog is filling the room with noxious farts and holy crap does it stink!!! and the Rock Star says "Do you think its grudge based?" Bwahahahaha
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Daily Blessings
The thing is I've had a lot of crap in my life (that's a story for another day), but I have a lot of really good stuff in my life. Every day I see or hear or experience something that feels like a blessing. It can be any little thing.

Like yesterday when I took Shayne home. Her back yard had over a hundred butterflies in it. They were all settled on flowers and shrubs and I think they were monarchs and it was just really cool. Today my blessing came from Lucy Palmer, which it does quite often. She is just such a happy joyful girl and we were walking down the block by Theo's and went past this yard with all the sprinklers going. She bounded back and forth through them and rolled around and you could see the smile on her face as she frolicked, literally frolicked (something you just don't see everyday) in the water. It was late afternoon and the sun was coming down just right to make the whole scene all sparkley and just, well, really cool. I laughed and laughed!!! It was so funny!!! and sweet!

And earlier today we started running. We've been going for a walk each week day morning for four weeks and it has done a lot for our energy levels. Today we added running to the walk and it was great. I felt like I'd been shot full of adrenaline. Well,not right away. Right away I felt as if my lungs had expanding balloons in them and my head hurt. I mean like an hour later, after I'd cooled off. I just felt great!!! New low weight (142.5) today. Its good. This past week was ovulation week and with the help of the clear plan monitor we were able to pinpoint the day of ovulation. We had sex every day for 4 days and if that egg wasn't actually inseminated, its because it was drowned in sperm!! Check this out.

Still procrastinating on invoices.
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Sunday, September 14, 2003

And so it begins...
It's invoice time again. Actually, its past invoice time again, but anyway...all of a sudden it seemed terribly important to create a Blog.
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Inspired Procrastination