Thursday, October 23, 2003

I'm Goin' to Disneyland!!
Travelling to Los Angeles from 10/23-11/1. I don't know if I'll be able to blog from there, but I'm gonna try to. If I'm not able to, I wish everyone a wonderful couple of weeks and please don't give up on me!! Since I'm going to California, it's only right I say (with an ominous tone & a slavic accent): I'll be back.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A Bunch of things...
Knitting: Well, I'm officially addicted!! On Sunday I bought the materials for my first project & taught myself how to knit and had a hard time falling asleep at bedtime cuz I couldn't stop thinking of all the lovely projects and when I did fall asleep I actually dreamt doing the basic knit stitch over and over!! I started the project and got 19 rows done before I went to meet my friends for Knitting Group. I was excited to show them what I'd done and they were all very encouraging. I asked Theresa (our knitting mentor) to look at what I was doing and she was able to show me what I'd been doing wrong all along, which is why my finished work didn't look like the Pic of Mac's (Gofish) that I'd seen. I thought it was cuz I was pulling my stitches too tight, but no I'd been adding an extra twist to each and every stitch. I can keep it this way and do it correctly when I switch to the next color, but it will be flared out at the end and not perfect, and I am, sadly, a perfectionist. So today I will be unraveling all 22 of my first rows and starting completely over. I know I'll be happier with the finished product, but right now its disappointing. Not enuf to stop me tho!! I totally love knitting!!! It is so relaxing and satisfying and productive and ... well, you get the idea.

Running: Our morning workout is going great!! We are on this running program that gradually increases the amount of time we run, until we will be running for 20 minutes straight. Then we plan to gradually increase our pace. We are strongly considering running a 5K in December. I wasn't losing any weight at all, though, and finally figured out a way to keep track of just how much I was eating (too much, of course) and thereby start eating less. All I did was get the info on the 4 basic food groups from the American Heart Association website and make a little chart to tick off all the carbs, proteins, dairy & fruits and veggies that I eat (as I eat them). Then I know how much I can eat at the next meal, and there is no fooling myself into thinking that that huge portion is OK. Since I started doing that, I've lost an average of 1/2 pound per day and today went under 140 for the first time!! YAY!!!! These kind of results make it easier to stick to the program, and achieve a little more of my goal every day!! I would totally love to be down to 130 or so when I get pregnant. I plan on continuing as much exercise as I possibly can throughout the pregnancy, so I can hopefully get back in shape faster after wards. One little not so fun thing: I was absolutely starving when we left on our run, so I couldn't wait to get back and eat a Nutri-Grain Bar. I ate it right away when we returned and now my stomach is rebelling. It would have been better to wait a bit I think!!

Vacation: Getting very excited about the trip to Los Angeles. We leave on Thursday. I'll be meeting my Brother-in-Law's new girlfriend for the first time & I'm really looking forward to it. She's know as "the Cruise Director" amongst her friends, and now we know why. She's been making plans for us to get to do and see all that we want to when we're there. Disneyland will be the highlight, but Go-Kart racing looks like a blast too. She is the personal assistant to William Shatner, so there is a decent chance we may get to meet him, and that would make me the Queen of the Geeks in my circle of long-time Star Trek fan friends!!! I'm sure I'll have lots to report on the trip when I return but I'll be off the internet from 10/23 - 11/1.

Blogging: I am really digging all the blogging stuff! I get a big kick out reading all the great stuff that's out there, and I'm inspired to make a great blog myself. Its been an exciting week cuz I opened my blog up to the public for the first time. Its really fun to check the sitemeter every day. I'm up to 26 hits!!! Wheeeeeee. Thanks to all who've clicked their way here and commented and blogrolled me!! I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to syndicate my site and was directed to a very good article with useful information. Quite easy to read, but the bottom line is that I would have to manually update my RSS document everytime I updated my site. I'm a very loyal person, and wouldn't have considered switching to another service, but Blogger totally pissed me off by saying that RSS is only available to Blogger Pro users and Blogger Pro is only available to those who already have it. I can't get it and they won't tell me when it will be available. I asked in email what I should do in the meantime and was told that I should "do a Google search for a feature that will provide RSS for your blog." Yeah, it's called TypePad, dumbass. It's as if they intentionally want to drive people away. I don't get it, but too bad for them. So I'm pretty much planning on switching over to TypePad when I return from vacation. It has all the features I want, and I don't have to muck around to get it. At least according to their website.

Trying to conceive: Today is the 25th day of the 4th cycle since we've been trying to get pregnant. A few more days til I know if we succeeded this time. The sooner the better because of my age, but another month of weight loss before pregnancy wouldn't hurt either. I guess we'll know in a few days!

Whew, that was a lot of blogging and I'm late for my first dogwalk, so everybody have a swell day!!!
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Oh, Christ...
...Jerry Springer May Run for of Ohio Governor. Ha!! Well if he wins (and that would be bad, kids), our former governor won't look so bad, now will he?

Found the story via Oxymoronic.
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Can I Just Say... satisfying it is to roll a skein of yarn into a ball. The act itself is satisying and the finished ball of yarn is sweet. Doesn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.
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New Hobbies...
...k, so here's me. All excited about learning to knit. I was thinking the other day, after many enjoyable hours of blogging (reading others and writing mine), that I need to balance all my online time with something. I've wanted to take up knitting for awhile, but didn't feel like I had the time. I've recently weaned myself from another obsession, playing Ultima Online (a massively multi-player online role playing game aka MMORPG) and now am looking for something else to be obsessed over, besides the Blogosphere. So at the moment I realized that now is the time to start knitting, I called my friend, Theresa (who has regular knitting get-togethers) and got the low-down on the next meeting. I was thrilled that it will be tomorrow, and I found pattern here on the wonderful internet for a Harry Potter Scarf. I've spent the last hour or so at the very fun, cool Needlework Unlimited store buying the materials for my first project. I was happily reminded of how much I love these kind of places. Textiles are so lovely to me. I can wander around for hours just touching things and thinking about all the neato things I can make. A very nice woman named Laura looked at my pattern and helped me find all I needed. I bought an extra skein of yarn to play with and get used to the feel of doing stuff before I start messing with my actual project. I'll be looking at some online tutorials this afternoon, even tho Theresa will be showing me stuff tomorrow nite. I can't wait to get started. Wish me luck...
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Saturday, October 18, 2003

This is so Beautiful...
A conservative's review of Al Franken's 'Lies and the Lying Liars': "And if we decent, honest, hard-working, patriotic, true-blue conservatives of this country neglect the duty we have to our children and grandchildren, we will never be able to work with those decent, honest, hard-working, patriotic, true-blue liberal Americans that these lying creeps have taught us to despise. We will never be safe to debate them or, when warranted, to listen to them and maybe even agree with them. We will never be safe to work out our differences or to work together. And we will never be able to build on the all-American sense of unity that burst forth following 9/11, only to disappear shortly thereafter in a cloud of lying, greedy partisan politics. "

I could hug this woman. Really. Good for her to think and say these things. It must have been hard. Rodney King was not wrong (just kind of goopy) when he said "Why can't we all just get along?" We can. I think we really can. And Becky Miller here is proof of it. Thanks, Becky, and have yourself a great day, k?

Found this via Boing Boing.
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Friday, October 17, 2003

Dorkstorm: The Annihilation
Excerpt: Distinguishing Characteristics: Aside from the barbarian clothes and giant monster heads, it's impossible to know who might be LARPing. The only way to be sure is when they throw make-believe fireballs at you from their very fingertips, but by then... it's already too late.
Read it. Its funny.

I'm off to look up once and for all how to properly use its and it's. It must be here on this internet thingy somewhere...

Found via snarky malarkey .
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Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO
I love this kind of stuff...Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO I wonder about the people who do it. Not in a bad way, in a curious way. Did you know that there is a whole Lego subculture out there. I'm always interested in sub-cultures. Like Blogging is a sub-culture. Online Role-Playing games are a sub-culture. If I wasn't feeling so lazy right now, I'd dig up a couple of links. Anyhow, subcultures. Apparently, lots of folks are into Zombies.

~~this post abruptly ended due to huge dog causing air to be unbreathable in the computer area~~
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This is something...
...that's been rattling around in my head for awhile. the Rock Star and I are trying to get pregnant. Sounds normal enough, right. Well, for us its not. It was never a foregone conclusion that we wanted a child like so many other people do. We're 40 year-old newlyweds and in my whole life I'd never planned on having children (except that one short time right before Eric died). The point is, it was a big deal (and long process) for us to think about getting pregnant. At first we talked about it, and most often it was more "no way", than "yeah". I don't remember exactly how it happened (didn't have a blog then),, wait I do remember how it happened, that we decided to go for it. We had been talking about all the reasons we didn't want a child (I felt selfish about my time and body, could we afford it, blah blah blah), then I missed a period (after being regular as houses for years). There was some small chance I was pregnant, or it was just a fluke. OR it could be some early signs of menopause. That got me thinking. If it was menopause (which I no longer think it was), the option of parenting was going to be gone. I didn't like the idea of not having at least the option. I also started thinking about how I may regret it more if I didn't have a child, than I would if I did. You see, one of my thoughts all along was the possibility of not liking parenting, wishing I'd never done it. Once you have a kid, its for life. No going back, no returning it to the store, no putting it in the closet and forgetting it (like has happened to so many other hobbies I've taken up). Nope, its for real and its forever. So then we started talking about it again, and this time it was more "yeah" than "no way". Then all of a sudden (or so it seems now), we had decided. Yes we want to have a baby. Once that was decided, baby fever took over. I bought a book on Preconception, and started taking vitamins, taking my temperature every morning, charting my cycles and generally getting gooey over babies I saw at the grocery store. We had (and continue to have) lengthy conversations about our plans, goals, hopes and dreams for the perfect human that we would like raise. I had to reduce my daily caffeine habit from more than 600 mg per day to under 100 per day. Don't even think that was easy, psychologically or actually. At the appropriate time, I plan to give my child a list of all the things I sacrificed for him and my daily quadra-espresso is at the top!!

~~Paragraph forcibly ended by the voices in my head asking "Who the hell do you think is going to keep reading this huge block of text?"~~

I stopped taking the pill on 6/29/03 and have been utterly focused (those who know me will not find this hard to believe) on getting pregnant. We bought a ClearPlan Monitor ($150 gadget to pinpoint the most fertile days of your cycle). the Rock Star is really enjoying the part of the process (as am I) wherein we have sex every other day. Good sex too. Not utility sex. We really believe that our baby will be a better person for our having conceived him with style (and multiple orgasms). During the few days of ovulation we really get down to business and lay down a gauntlet of sperm for that egg to traverse. So far the eggs have been wily, and escaped insemination by any of the hordes of wiggly Rock Star DNA carriers bombardment as it travels the Fallopian road. And that brings me to the thought that's been rattling around in my head. (I can hear you all saying "holy crap, THAT was the intro?")

Well, here is the thought. As I go through the days between ovulation and when my period would normally start, I often wonder: "Am I pregnant right now?"; "Are these the last days of who I have been for the last 40 years, and the first days of being all that, plus something more, a parent?"; "Does this milk smell bad?". Heidi & Mel's baby girl was born at 5:18 am yesterday. In the last week of Heidi's pregnancy, she was just so ready to be done with it. We talked a lot and the only advice I could give, was "Try to enjoy the moments you are in." The time of before the baby will end and you'll never have this time again. I'm a big follower of my own advice and have been enjoying the preconception period very much, at the same time impatient and excited for the actual pregnancy to begin, not to mention the time after the baby is born. So this morning as I fixed breakfast I wondered again "Am I pregnant?" and I thought about how it is to enjoy each phase of our lives, each moment that we're in (or as many as we can) and how lucky I am, and how happy I am (thanks mainly to the Rock Star). I want to remember these moments and I want to tell them to the person my baby becomes. I will tell him (over a steaming mug of quadra-espresso): "You were wanted, you were loved before you even came to be."
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Thursday, October 16, 2003

...(Blogging Under the Influence) is prolly not illegal, but maybe should be. Went out for dinner with the Rock Star and Andy and had a glass of wine, which was one glass to many, apparently. Funny thing happened. Ever been out with some folks and you see someone doing something and you want your friends to look, but not look like they are looking at the person you're looking at? (I ran that sentence on just for the hell of it, you know.) So I'm sitting there, enjoying the nachos we're sharing and I see this girl staring at me. I give her a smile and nod and she smiles and looks away, embarrassed I caught her staring at me. A moment later she leans into her dinner partner and says something, carefully not looking my way. And he does that casual turn around and look, but not supposed to look like he's looking, while she's like "no, don't look right at her", right at ME!! Of course, I was watching this whole thing (while continuing to enjoy the nachos and chatting with the fellas), so he looks away really quick and they are both embarrassed and lean into the middle of the table to say things like "oh my god, I so can't believe you looked right AT her. I told you not to." Or so I presume. And I'm sitting there like, WTF?! It was very funny. One more glass of wine and I may have approached them just to ask what it was that caught their attention. I'm just curious. No hard feelings, of course. Just wondering, what the hell were you staring at anyway? Fortunately, I didn't have that second glass...
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Try the Stomp Test...
...on your sunglasses and see how they do. Mine are Oakleys. Bought 'em for $70. I gagged on the price then, but have never regretted it since!! I stepped on them today wearing my honkin' big hiking boots and both bows popped off, d'oh!!! At first I thought I'd stepped on something belonging to a client. Then I realized it was my own property scattered in three pieces...gack!! Apparently, tho, the bows are made to pop off under pressure and all I had to do was snap them back together. Voila!!! Good as new. This is good, cuz I've gotten even more Scottish since I bought those three years ago. You know what that means, right? When we were there on our honeymoon last year, many Scots told us jokes about the reputation of Scottish "frugality". My favorite was: You know the Scots. Deep pockets & short arms.
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Funny stuff I read this morning...
...a couple of comments on the Rush Limbaugh (big fat idiot) drug addiction story that I read had me laughing out loud this morning. Which was pretty funny in and of it self. I was eating a bowl of yogurt and fruit (call me healthy breakfast grrrrl, thank you very much) and almost had the yogurt coming out my nose a couple of times. I'll quote the parts that were the funniest to me, but do click the link to dong resin's site cuz the picture next to the story makes it ten times funnier. (a word of warning about dong resin's site: Very funny, but often offensive. Enjoy.) and awaaaaay we go...

"One hundred eighty
Something pretty cool on the science front, a simple number that describes the movement of wings when they thrust. It's like that "golden ratio" that describes beauty as humans see it, only for flight. Called the Strouhal number, it's the ass end of a relatively simple equation, the frequency of flapping multiplied by its amplitude, divided by forward speed.

The number is hoped to lead us to an explanation of how something essentially ungainly and spherical in shape as a Rush Limbaugh can perform almost a physics-defying ballet of on-air hypocrisy regarding drug addiction." Link to see pic, permalink.

Charles Pierce, with another great one over on Romenesko's letters page:

Everybody commenting on Rush Limbaugh has felt compelled to begin with an expression of solicitude for him in this difficult time. So I don't have to.

I do make a point about the coverage of the story, however. Mr. Limbaugh is not addicted to "prescription medication." He is addicted to drugs that occasionally are prescribed to people, most of whom don't send their maid out to score for them. He is addicted to drugs that occasionally are parcelled out, a few at a time, by a registered pharmacist at the behest of a licensed physician, and generally not bought by the pound from the Iceman down outside the local Gas 'n Sip. These particular items are "prescription medications" only when they actually are prescribed to people we usually call "patients." Otherwise, they are "illegal drugs" being scarfed by people we occasionally refer to as "junkies." " permalink
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

...the bulldog is soooooooo funny!!! Holy crap you would not believe he could get himself flipped over for belly rubbin' that fast. or at all, for that matter!! He romped and played with LP 'til he was outta breath. Then threw himself at me to be petted while LP ran herself silly all around his yard. A very beautiful fall day with two happy, lively dogs...ahhhh, I love my job sometimes!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Happiness and Joy...
...Angela, the very best hairstylist I've ever had, is back in town and I ran into her at the grocery store!! She moved out of state just before our wedding last year and I've missed her. She'll be working at a salon and will give me a call when she's set up. Price will probly be $30, she said! I'm so excited. We were squealing like girls in the frozen foods section of the grocery store and people kept giving us dirty looks. I spose we were disturbing their serious shopping trip...whoops, sorry 'bout dat. NOT. Anyhow, Welcome back to sweet little Angela!!! I wuvs her!!
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Gotta Love...
...a mailbox clogged with checks. The product of the invoices (when I get them done) is cash, money, bling-bling, greenbacks, dough, tradeable currency, etc. Ask me why I put off doing that which brings down the rain of dollars. Go ahead, ASK ME!!! Because I'm a dope, that's why. Someone please remind me of checkwad day the next time I'm putting off working on invoices, k? thx.
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Monday, October 13, 2003

I just got spam email offering an email spam filter for only $49.99. What the fuckin' hell?
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Saturday, October 11, 2003

I've been trying to get my head around how scary this is: The Hamilton Collection Front Line Of Freedom Figurine
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Friday, October 10, 2003

Good quote...
"I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in the kindness of human beings. I am so absorbed in the wonder of earth and the life upon it that I cannot think of heaven and angels." Pearl S. Buck "
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I'm not the only one!
Read this...
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Never Miss a Chance To Do a Little Business
When I had Lasik eye surgery awhile back, they gave me 5mg of Valium, but it still wasn't enough to stop me from promoting my business in the recovery room after. At the time I said, "Never miss a chance to do a little business." And I think its been a good habit to be in. Well, today I called the PO and I was PO'ed, but I stayed calm as I spoke with Jim the postal worker, who was trying to help me. In the course of the conversation he asked what my business does and I told him we are petsitters. and he said, "Hey, I might need you one of these days." The upshot of the conversation was that I should bring the offending envelopes to the station and they would have a look at them. I grabbed a handful of business card magnets and when I got there I gave them to him, and he was passing them out to the other postal workers. They had a couple of ideas for me about the mailings, but nothing concrete, so while I try a couple of formatting options, I'll also be prepared to just cross out the machine's sprayed on bar codes and put the envelopes back out to be picked up again. The other methods either cost to much money, look unprofessional or are just too much of hassle.

So as not to let the crabbiness overpower the feel of today's posts, let me include this super cute pic so we can all say "Awwwwwwwwww" together.
. Read the story.
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Fer chrissakes...
So the morning started out pissy. Running was good, but when I went to make the coffee I had to let loose an excellent *pats self on the back* string of swear words cuz we had no cream...DRAT. Well, I wasn't havin' that and jumped in the Rock Star's car to go get some. Back in a flash and the coffee made, I went about the morning in pretty good spirits. Picked up LP, did a cat visit and ALO, then came home to find the mail had arrived. I received two of my invoices back. They are clearly addressed. I've changed the size of my name and address to very small and the name of the client to very large and still the dumbasses at the post office deliver it to me. WTF? It's not as if I can call them and threaten to stop using them...

I also received a payment from a client who had moved out of state owing me $239. When I contacted him weeks ago he sent a post card blaming me for sending the invoice "months" later (did not!!) and that he'd fallen on hard times (tough shit) and that he'd send a payment in October. Well, to be fair, he has sent a payment, but its only $115 and I have no commitment on when he'll send more. Guess I should be glad I got the fucking letter, the PO could have sent his check back to him, I guess.

On the positive side: I spoke with a nice girl at Peet's and ordered 1/2 lb of Italian Roast at 5 Grind, and 1/2 lb at 6 grind. Hopefully, I'll be getting back to the lovely Peet's every day soon...

I'm off to call the PO and find out if there is anything I can do to stop this "returning my invoices to me" crap in the future.
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Monday, October 06, 2003

Suicide Squirrels...
were out in force today!! I had two right in a row try to get me to kill them. sheesh! Irving Ave. must be a very depressing place for squirrels to live. I'm proud to say that I missed both of them, but that one guy who was tailgating me prolly didn't think much of my dodging skills. Too bad. I hate tailgaters.

Running was up to 2 min run/1 min walk x7 total of 14 minutes. It went well. I got a bunch of phone calls made for the association. Tracked down 4 mailing addresses. Looked at Webhosting options. Still trying to figure out an alternative to Blogrolling, since that site seems to be down for the foreseeable future. Tried to make Awasu RSS a couple more sites I like.

Funny site of the day is Black Market Babies. Oh and Snoop Dogg's Tha Shizzolator. That's some of the good shizznet there babeeeee.
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Ye shall bow down before me in fear...
What God or Goddess Are You?
God/Goddess ofThe Apocalypse
Animal Companion:Coyote
Weak againstAcid
Created with quill18's MemeGen!
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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Invoices done...
A couple of interesting days since I last wrote. I managed to finish most of the invoices on Saturday, and the rest on Sunday. Then I spent the rest of the time doing laundry and futzing with blog Templates. I've got one in decent shape now, just need a graphic for the top and figure out how to put the title up there too...

I have some good ideas for pictures to use and stories to tell about them. Will be working more on that this week. There are 5 gigs of stored pics that we'll put on DVD's. I'm up to CSS in HTML for Dummies. I used a bit of it to tweak this blogskin.

MIL isn't doing very well in the hospital. The surgery was complicated and her recovery is slow.

I think of hilariously funny things all the time, but when I sit down to write some of it down, it escapes me. Here are a few funny things that have happened: I drew a blue bunny on the Rock Star's belly yesterday and laughed til I couldn't breathe over it. Pics will be posted so stay tuned. All the dogs are gone now, but the Big Dog has decided to be stinky enough for all of the them. There is no safe breathing place in this house...

Talked to my dad today. I told him a joke: Guy walks into a bar. He's totally naked except for a large ships steering wheel on his dick. He orders a drink and the bartender asks, "What's the deal with the ships steering wheel on your unit, there?" The guy says "Arrrrrr, its drivin' me nuts!" He laughed at that one. I didn't tell him the one about the southern lady. I've found a lot of links with funny sex stuff in them lately: AOL Icon Sex & The Scout Walker Kama Sutra.
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Thursday, October 02, 2003

OK, this is getting silly...
Do I have to verbally slap myself around in this blog to make myself get invoices done? No more blogging, looking at blogs, playing with code, considering skins or templates or anything else related to procrastinating on the internet until I put in a respectable amount of work. I'm taking LP home then I'm gonna get down to business on the invoices...
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I left the editing page without saving and lost all of what I'd managed to write in the last half hour. Not that it was really stellar writing or terribly interesting information. Well shit...

Starting over: this'll be a quick and dirty sum up of what I wrote about yesterday. Dogs and phones and email regarding the petsitters mailing list board vote. Surfing the net for blogs and blogging info. Added Haloscan Commenter to the blog and found LiveRack Web Hosting. Spent a fair amount of time last nite using the Reverse Phone Directory for some petsitters mailing addresses and also looking over the Twin Cities Marathon's website. Looked at Heart Rate Monitors again. We shopped at Marathon Sports for cold weather running gear and spent $343.00. But it was much more comfortable running today. 143.5 is the number on the scale this morning and I can't seem to stop thinking of Fudgesicles. Sick, huh? the Rock Star went to Green Mill with the gang last night and I stayed home. Talked to Nanc briefly. They are going to Berlin, Germany to see a musician they like. Sounds like a fun trip. She assured me that having kids will ruin our sex life...

I watched the Return of the King trailer yesterday and all I can say is: holy crap, wow, OMG. I can't wait. Here is a funny little web movie. Enjoy.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Say what?
My sister said, "My peeinater is broke." (brought to you by the Society of People Wondering if This Will Show up on Google, SOPWITWSUOG)
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"W" is for Wednesday...
Holy fucking shit!!! I'm freezing here!!! Yesterday it was 38 degrees when we went out to run, and today it was 32, AKA Freezing (my ass off). So anyway running was ok, but cold...gotta buy those jackets today!! Weight is 143. I've been in a bad mood the last couple of days, prolly cuz the invoices hanging over my head. {Hark!!! Is that sweet sound of procrastination I hear?} Anyhow, I don't feel the endorphin rush this week...maybe the fun stage of being a junkie is over. I don't, however, feel like quitting. The getting up and running in the morning is well on its way to being a habit!! If I feel stressed and glumpy with regular exercise, I shudder (or is that shivering) to think what I'd be like without it. Have I mentioned I'm cold? So cold its hard to type...

I realized this morning as I near the end of my period that there were no cramps at all. Could be because of cutting down on caffeine, could be because of exercising, or it could be because it's so fucking cold. k, well, maybe not that last one, but it is really cold. I stuffed a blanket in the window where the AC is so that the wind wouldn't whistle across my desk...

Speaking of Fucking cold...I found this yesterday. Public service announcements are good for you!! Enjoy. (even tho it says to wait til its loaded to press play, go ahead and press play after a few seconds anyway...I did and it played just fine...I think they think its funny to see how long peeps will sit there watching that "loading" animation...don't be a fool...just press play...otherwise, they're laughing at you)
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Inspired Procrastination