Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Who's the Biggest Maroon?
OMG I am sooooo stupid. You're not even gonna believe how stupid I am. Jeez this is almost to embarrassing to tell...

k, so I had to go pick up a dog today at 8:00 am. Yeah, that's right eight flippin' aye-emmmmm. That is really, really early for me. I got there on time and all went well. As I was driving home I was thinking 'bout my espresso machine and making the magic go-go juice and stopped at one of those no turn on red stop lights. Well, there was no traffic around. I looked right. I looked left. I looked straight ahead of me. No one around, why should I be sitting here waiting on this light when I could be racing towards my morning coffee? So I went. Of course, THEN I bother to look in my rear view mirror and see the police lights flashing. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!! Pull over, fumble around for my license, hope the dog in the back seat won't start snarling and freaking out when she sees a uniform (holy crap you should see this dog sometimes. Sweetest girl you ever wanna meet, but if she sees UPS, Fed-Ex, or Mailman uniform she goes into snarling, lunging, freaked out, I'm gonna rip someone's throat out mode) and I was just hoping she wouldn't do this with the cop. So the policeman walks up to my car, I had the window rolled down and before he even says anything:

Me: I know, I know, that was very naughty of me!

Cop: Why did you do that?

Me: Wellllll....

Cop: Seriously, why did you do that?

Me: Honestly, I was just anxious to get home to make myself a cup of coffee.

Cop: I can understand that. (looking over my license) Did you even know I was right behind you?

Me: (laughing and putting my head down on the steering wheel) No, how stupid is that?

Cop: Pretty stupid. Well, do you want the lecture or the ticket?

Me: Well, I'll be lecturing myself all day for this bonehead move, some lecture from you probly won't hurt much.

Cop: (handing back my license) OK, you're lucky today.

Me: Thanks, have a good day!

Cop: (walking back to his car) Yeah, I'm on my way to get coffee, too.

No Ticket!!!! Yay!!! But, seriously, who is the biggest dumbass ever? Yeah, yeah, I know...
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I got this magnet as part of a xmas gift from one of my clients (I have the BEST clients in the world!).

It's probly a really tough job, but I just know I could do it!! heh!
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Snow Monster!!!!
Posting this especially for Zam, cuz I know how much she misses having snow where she lives!! heh!

Neener Neener Neener!!!
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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Bad Santa
We went to Bad Santa on Friday with Greg's Cousins. I thought I was gonna bust a gut. Do NOT go to this movie if you are easily offended. But if you love extremely crude, rude, off-beat humor, this is the shit for you. Billie Bob Thornton was beyond rude as Santa. We laughed and laughed and laughed! That is a must buy DvD for this house. Destined to be a Christmas classic for us. At least until the little one is old enough to start picking up the language. Then we'll have to shelve it for several years, I guess.
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Christmas Day
We stayed up really late Christmas Eve getting things ready for Christmas Morning. the Rock Star made his traditional overnight raised cinnamon rolls so they were all ready to bake at my sisters. We had all the gifts wrapped and packed in a big tote to whisk out to the car. I think one of the guest doggies woke us before the alarm. We had 6 guest dogs for xmas this year. A Bichon, a Jack Russell, a Lab, an Australian Sheepdog, a Collie, and a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. It went pretty well. We stripped the cushions off the living room couch and covered it in a slipcover. The futon, we filled up with cardboard boxes so none could jump up there. Put folded up dog blankets all over the floor and closed gates on both doors. The dogs slept and hung out mostly in the living room when we weren't home, and roamed at will when we were. Only a couple of minor potty accidents this year. Everyone was comfy and happy. It was fun and I made some good money.

I had a couple of cat visits xmas morning so I got those out of the way fast!! the Rock Star was working on one last present on his computer when I got home, so we were a bit late starting for my sister's. The traditional routine is my nephew passes out all the gifts everyone there. Then we take turns opening them one by one til they're all done. It was just us and sister, her husband & son. Perfect!!! My plan to give her the news came off without a hitch!!! OMG I was so excited to tell her!!! Her reaction was just what I expected, minus the screaming part. Here's the pic of just the moment after she figured out what the note meant.

After that it was a flurry of hugging and laughing and talking all day long. We had to nix the baby talk when my mom arrived. I thought my sister's head was gonna explode with the secret. Too funny. Mom didn't stay long. I wish she would have, but she had to have a little drama fit. I don't mean to be mean, but I've been dealing with my Mom's drama for so many years, it doesn't phase me much anymore. My nephew surprised us all by announcing that he had been having a really hard time keeping from blurting the baby news out!! He's 16 and we all just figured he'd be happy about the news, then forget about it til I have the baby or something. At 16 a fella has a lot more stuff to think about than his 40 year old aunt's pregnancy!! But no. He was totally into it with us! Fun. One funny thing that happened is that as Sister was opening the gift, the phone rang and I told him "Don't answer it! Don't answer it." But he did anyhow, and he missed the moment where she figured it out. So he comes back into the room and wants to know what all the excitement is? Why are we all hugging and laughing and such? Well, Sister handed him the box and he looked it all over, took a moment, then said "Holy Shit!!!" I don't know if he said anything else, cuz we were all laughing so hard.

Then we opened the rest of the gifts. Couple of funny things. My mom and my sister each got me $25 gift certificates to the knitting store I always shop at. And I'd gotten them each $25 gift certificates to the same store!! Mom had made beautiful needlepoint pictures for each of us, mine is hummingbirds. the Rock Star gave me lots of really great stuff: Coupon redeemable for him to install Movable Type and to pay for my domain registration and web hosting for one year!! Woot!! A really nice sweater (always scary opening clothes boxes from people, but he did good!!) , my own Tika head lamp (I've been using his since I started knitting, cuz I'm afraid of ruining my eyesight) and rechargable batteries for it. His brother got me Stitch-n-Bitch without having known from anyone that it was one of the knitting books on my xmas list!! I've already learned a couple nifty tricks from there, like how to wind a center pull ball. There was lots more wonderful stuff, I won't list here, and as much as I appreciate and love it all, nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the happiness of being able to share this time in my life with my beloved sister!

We left my sisters around 8 pm and came home and pottied all the dogs. Then went out to the Rock Star's Aunt and Uncles again, and can you believe there were even more presents? Holy crap!! I was totally worn out from all the good feeling and fun and love! Got home to bed around 11:30 pm. Whew!! What a GREAT Christmas!
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Well, Let's See. Where Were We?
Oh, yeah. Christmas Eve!!! It was a blast. We went to the Rock Star's Aunt and Uncle's. His Cousin and his Wife and their Girls live there too. The Cousin that lives in San Francisco was there with his girlfriend, too. Everyone brought appetizer like food and it was all really good. We had the White Elephant Cut-Throat Gift Exchange. Cut-Throat is where everyone brings a wrapped present and puts it in the middle, no name tags or anything. Everyone draws a number and the first person selects a gift from the middle and opens it while everyone watches. Each person has the the option to unwrap a gift from the middle or "steal" any of the gifts that have already been opened. If someone "steals" your gift you can "steal one from someone else or open a new gift from the middle. You can't steal back your gift that turn. It goes around like that til all the gifts are opened. It's lots of fun (as long as everyone's a good sport). If it's White Elephant it means that all the gifts are something around the house that you wanted to get rid of. the Rock Star and I took some seriously ugly frou-frou picture frames we got as a wedding gift and some other thing, I can't remember what now. I love playing Cut-throat!! Every year we laugh and laugh over the dud gifts and its a ton of fun to plan strategy with your partner. The gift I ended up with this year was the very best one in the pile tho. The little girls played and one of the gifts they put in the pile was a gift certificate good for a kiss and hug whenever the bearer wanted it. That must have went all the way around the room at least twice, but I got it!!! Here's me collecting one of my hugs:

We got home around midnite and were up til 3 am finishing getting ready to go to my sisters on Christmas Day!!!
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Finished the Hat!!!
Before we left for Family Xmas eve, I finished the hat to go with my Harry Potter Scarf!!! Here's a little progression photography:

I got the maroon tassle attached to the end about 3 seconds before we went shooting out the door, already late, but no pics of that. Take my word for it: It's cute as hell!! heh.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I'm Wishing...
I'm wishing for all who find this to have a wonderful & joyous holiday!!! I am so happy right now it's hard even to bear it!! I am blessed beyond belief with a perfect husband. He gave me all I wanted for Christmas a few weeks ago when this baby was conceived. Our life is literally filled with wonder this holiday season and I hope yours is too.

Happiness to all the world, dear people!! Merry Christmas!!!
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Well, It Seems Too Good to be True.
But I've finished the xmas shopping. I have to wrap a bunch of stuff before xmas eve, but the shopping part is done. Packages that needed to be were shipped this morning. Dad's will get there before xmas, BIL & BIL's GF will not. Oh well, we suck. It's not gonna be a news flash to anyone. heh

I am actually getting really excited about Christmas, but do not know how I'll survive the Rock Star's family on Christmas eve. Not that I don't totally love them, I do. It is always a really fun time when we go there, but just that I don't know how I'm gonna keep from bustin' out with the big news!!! It's so weird. Every time I talk to his mom, or my mom, I'm thinking "You are so happy. You don't even know how happy you are right now. I know how happy you are, but to you this seems like just any other day. But it's not, it is sooooo not."

It's invoice time again and I would so love to have them in the mail before xmas. It'd be very cool not to have any work crap to worry about on Thu & Fri. I feel very motivated to work on them, but keep getting sidetracked by pregnancy books and websites. Behold the Procrastinatrix!!!
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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Holy Fuckin' WOW!!!!
Here is the picture of us after The Return of the King:

And as I said in the title: Holy Fuckin' WOW!!!! Loved it. You might wonder why my hand is over my mouth in the picture? Well, that's how I was during the entire movie. and the ride home. In fact, still haven't been able to pry my hand away from my mouth, my husband is typing this for me. OK, just kidding about the ride home and now, but not by much. I really did spend the whole movie with my hand (or hands) over my mouth to keep from cheering out loud or gasping or screaming or whatever other sounds may escape me and bother the other movie goers. I mean seriously. Holy fuckin' WOW!!! I thought it was great, just amazing. If I was able to send an email to Peter Jackson, all I would say is "Thank you. Just thank you so much." I'm a huge LOTR fan, have been for years. I've read the entire series and the appendices at least 16 times. I even have the unabridged books on tape and that is another remarkable LOTR performance. Oh, man, this was all so well done. I had so many misgivings at first, but I learned to trust the director after the first movie. He obviously loves Tolkien's work as much as I do. Can't even imagine what goes thru a guy's mind taking on huge task like bringing this book to the screen, but he did an absolutely awesome job!!! So, Peter Jackson, if you can hear me, man, Good JOB!!! I really appreciate your work. And all the others who brought this movie into being. Excellent. Just fucking excellent.

A small note: I did not eat or drink anything before the movie and consequently did not have even one moment of the movie spoiled by the need to pee!! I am just that kind of plannin' ahead freakazoid. I'm gonna go walk a couple of doglets then come home and make some dinner!! Yahoo!!!

Oh, and another note (this one for posterity): Return of the King is the first movie we took our baby to!!! Never mind he is no larger than the head of a pin right now, we've got him well and truly started on the path of geekdom!!
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Ok People This is IT!!!
We are on our way out the door to see Return of the King!!! I'm posting before and after Pics. Here is the Before:

See the excitement? or just the pure dorkiness? heh.
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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Can't Wait...
...I can't wait 13 weeks til the pregnancy is more or less safe to tell my sister. I just can't. I want to be sharing these times with her. Two big reasons we are waiting to tell everyone is the fear of miscarriage. Also, we've already discussed what we'll do if any testing reveals a serious disorder or birth defect and while we feel comfortable with our decisions, we don't want to open the question up for discussion with anyone else, including our much loved and trusted families. My sister and I have a really great friendship and bond, and I feel comfortable that she'll support any decisions we've made. So the point is, I really want to tell her now instead of waiting for the end of the first trimester. The Rock Star and I talked it over and he thinks it's fine to tell her. We'll tell his brother in January when we travel to California to see him.

I'm so excited to tell my sister about the baby. She has one teen-age son, and she's positively nuts for babies. She's always known I never intended to have children, and taken it pretty well. A few hints and jokes, here and there, but totally understanding my decisions. Six months ago we decided that, yes, we do want a baby (maybe two) after all and started concentrating our efforts on making one. It's been really, really hard not to tell her and I feel somewhat disconnected from her with this secret. I've never been one to have any secrets, I'm a let it all hang out kinda gal, so keeping this huge thing to myself has been a real challenge. One thing that's helped me keep my blabber-mouth shut is anticipating how she's gonna react to the news. Now it's just overwhelming. We're gonna tell her, her husband and son on Christmas Day, a few hours before everyone else gets there. They'll have to keep our secret with us, but I think they can.

I have what I think is a cool plan to tell her. She expressed an interest in learning to knit and I was gonna give here a gift certificate to the knitting store for Christmas, but I bought something different today. I found a pattern for a baby blanket and yarn I like for it. It's a nice easy, but interesting pattern, that should be really good to learn on. I'm going to wrap up the needles, pattern, & yarn in separate packages and give them to her one at a time. First the needles "You said you might like to knit, so I got these to help you get started." Then the yarn "I picked this yarn because I like the colors myself. But you can exchange it." Then the pattern "I picked this pattern because it's easy and do you think you could have it ready by September?" If it all goes right there should be a second or so pause, then questioning look, then screaming and crying (the good kind). I can't wait!!! Holy crap, she's gonna be so excited. Holy crap, I'm so excited. This is so much fun to think about.
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Friday, December 19, 2003

Wow. Yesterday was just a blur. Kept going back and looking at the test stick. Well, I'm still doing that this morning. My mind is racing. You might think someone who has been putting forth a concentrated effort to get knocked up for the last six months, would feel more prepared. Nope. Not me anyhow. I felt like I had to many things to do the to do list looks like it got avalanched. With a deadline, no less. At some point, my ability and energy to carry out tasks is going to wane. Not to mention the fact that all the things I've been doing to take care of myself have taken on much more significance. I was thinking yesterday, everything I eat, affects the baby and his future. His deck is being stacked right now. It's my job to make sure he at least starts out in the best possible way, with as many of the good cards as possible. I know I'm not being very clear. When I read this later I'll know what I was talking about...maybe.

Oh and even though I know it's not possible yet, I think I have pregnancy brain. About a million times yesterday, I forgot what I was saying, forgot what I was doing. There is so much going on in my head right now, I just lose stuff in the datastream. oh, and I'm not a person who is good at keeping things to herself. I sure hope this not telling people thing gets easier, cuz all I wanted to think about and talk about yesterday was I'm pregnant. I must have dialed the Rock Star at work every 20 minutes or so...

Ok, other subjects at hand. Today I will be getting some xmas shopping done. We made our list last night and I have four places I need to go today. Yoiks!!

In the hubbub of this week I don't think I ever posted that we reached our goal of running for 20 minutes this last week!! A very big deal for us. I am so proud of our fitness accomplishments over the last several months. One of the pregnancy books I have says that exercise is very important (no, duh!), but don't start anything more strenuous than what you have been doing after you find out you are pregnant. I'm glad the morning running is already part of our routine. The information I've gathered tells me I can run as long as I take it easy and listen to my body. Almost certainly it won't be a problem for the first trimester, and if it ever seems like too much, we can switch to brisk walking. I am committed to healthfulness for so many reasons, not the least of which is being in a position to lose any baby fat after the baby comes. and starting a family at 40 means we owe our children our health for as long as possible! We can reasonably expect to live 40 more years, 50 if we're lucky and I want to be enjoying life and my children's life for as much of that as I possibly can!

Got no chance to knit yesterday. I'm really anxious to finish the hat. Did I mention anywhere that I bought the yarn for my next project? hehe Can't wait to start!
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Talk About Your Mood Swings. Sheesh!!!
Yesterday I was really in the dumps and today it is Euphoria with a capital eww. I didn't know how to describe it but I just had a feeling things were different this cycle. I've been having very small episodes of nausea, but it was too early to really know. So today, 4 days before the beginning of the next cycle, I did the test. I sat there with my hand over the indicator and my eyes closed and I counted one thousand one, one thousand two, all the way up to two minutes, took a deep breath, moved my hand and opened my eyes and let out a little gasp. Oh, oh, oh!!! It's positive. OMG it's positive. Stay calm. Take a breath, look again. Check the instruction pamphlet again...yes, yes, yes!!!! It's positive. I AM PREGNANT!!!!! the Rock Star was still sleeping, so I took the test stick and the pamphlet in and woke him up. I said you have to wake up I have something to show you. He was groggy for just a moment, but then said is it...? and I said yeah!!! and started bouncing around on the bed and he was looking at the stick and we were hugging and omg I'M PREGNANT!!!! We took some digicam shots of us, less than 5 minutes after we both found out, but they are so completely goofy, I'll never publish them. They'll be the ones we look at privately and remember just how unbelievably happy, excited and scared we are right now. I did manage to take a pic of the test itself, so now its time for the obligatory picture of the positive pregnancy test:

Holy crappin' shit hell fuck!!! We are gonna be somebody's parents!!!

We figure we conceived around December 4th. That means a September baby. And this is all I really wanted for Christmas!!! and we can't tell anyone for like 8 more weeks. I don't know how I'll contain it. I want to shout out the window. Every time I was talking to someone today, I wanted to say "I'm pregnant!!" We'll keep it to ourselves for at least today (it's hard!!) and then tomorrow we have a couple of close friends who know we've been trying that we'll tell. But our families, we'll wait til everything is safe. I don't think I'll even be able to talk to my sister for the next 10 weeks. One of the things we've been looking forward to the most is how happy my sister, his brother, both our moms and the rest of the family is gonna be. No one has any idea we've been trying. We had everyone pretty used to the idea that we prolly wouldn't have kids. I'm 40. He's 41. Not unreasonable ages for this, but useful for convincing every one that we just weren't interested in kids. There will be so much happiness when we tell them. My sister will prolly pass out from it. I can't wait...I know 10 weeks will go by fast, but it'll seem too slow sometimes!!

Everything is different now! Everything has changed. I'm so happy, and I'm scared, but mostly, I'm happy, happy, happy!!!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Am I Blue?
Yup. Went to the vet yesterday to pick up Babu's ashes. Sad, sad, so sad. Nothing more to say about that.

I visited Ernie yesterday. He's a dog I've cared for since I became a pet sitter like 7 years ago. I used to walk Bert & Ernie every weekday and they were some of my favorite dogs ever. Couldn't find nicer dogs. Only dogs I let go off leash, cuz I just knew they wouldn't cause any trouble. Funny thing tho, once they got a ticket from the animal control guy for being off leash. hehe. I told 'em it was good for their image, cuz girls love bad boys!! Anyhow, their parents split up and Bert went to live with Mom, Ernie with Dad. I thought it was a mistake to split them up, but really not my say, and it was a hard situation for everyone. Their parents are two of the sweetest folks you ever wanna meet. Anyhow, good old Bert died last year. Old age. I cried for days. What a good old dog he was!! Ernie is at his Mom's this week and she asked if I could have one of my petsitters come give him a potty break Monday & Tuesday. I jumped at the chance to go myself, cuz I haven't seen him since Bert died. He's a geezer now. Still looks like the same dog, just old and frail and can't move around much. I realized that this was prolly gonna be the last time I see him. I talked to him about good times gone by and did he remember getting that ticket and romping in the big field by his house. Told him he's a fine dog. A good dog. The best dog ever. and when he sees Bert, to tell him we sure miss him. Kisses and tears. and he just looks at me with his beautiful brown eyes, understanding, accepting, being a dog.

Just wasn't up for much yesterday. Felt bad, cuz I let everything go, didn't get much done, and there is so much to do. My wonderful husband says take it easy on myself. and I try. But when the money doesn't come in or the stuff isn't done, and the presents not bought and all the other things I have to do wait, I won't be able to say "Ah, I was having a bad day, so I took it easy on myself." Life is demanding. Sometimes I wish I could tell it to fuck off.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Some Pics I've Been Meaning to Post.
I've gotten a few things figured out about sizing pics for the web and I have a couple I want to post here. They go with entries I've done in the recent past. I'll put a link with each picture that leads to the entry that matches.

Remember that Sushi making post? Here's how it turned out finally. Took me many tries, but it was worth it.

Remember the Sushi making fiasco? You can read it here. This is how it finally turned out. Took many tries, but was worth the effort. Yummy, and beautiful (if I do say so myself).

This is the night I finished the Harry Potter Scarf and the second sock.

This picture was taken the night I finished the Harry Potter Scarf first mentioned here. I also finished the second sock to the pair I am wearing in the pic. I chronicled the beginning of the those socks, my very first ever, here. It was a big night of finishing projects and I was feeling pretty good about it.

Partway through the hat I'm knitting to go with my Harry Potter scarf.

This is the hat I'm knitting to go with my Harry Potter scarf. It was first mentioned here. It's going to be a long pointed stocking cap.

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A Contest!!! Go Play!!
Kelly is having a number guessing contest!!! WeeeHaaaa!!! Fun and easy, what more could you ask for? Go give her a guess!! Click here to play!!!!!
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mmmmmm, Naughty!
Yesterday Babz posted about Eggnog Lattes at Starbucks, which got me to thinking. I've got eggnog. I've got a the best home espresso machine in the world. I've got the best tasting coffee ever. I can make me one of those eggnog thingies!!! Und I did. I'm down to just one little espresso a day (anything over 100 mg caffeine a day is not good for our plans to create a non-mutant child), so this morning I steamed some eggnog instead of half&half. mmmmmm, so good. I had to call my husband to gloat. and come here and gloat. hehe
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Poor Santa...
I was driving to my Mom's the other day and I saw this poor santa. I wonder if it was a drive by bb Gun shooting?
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South Park Fun
So Adelle was up all night and here's the cool fun thing she found for us all: You as a South Park Character. Here's mine:

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Flat On My Ass.
Yup, that's how I found myself last nite. Went to put the Big Dog out and she was anxious to get into all that lovely snow and she was pulling down the steps while I was bent over trying to pick up the tether and the porch was slippery and I was wearing my super comfy birkenstocks and my feet just went out from under me and WOOMPH!! Dog was loose and I was surprised. She came right back up to check on me before galloping out into the snow. Holy crap. That hurts!! Still sore, very sore today.
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Friday, December 12, 2003

I'll Show You Mine...
...if you show me yours!! Mac posted a picture of her desk. Can't explain why, but it interested me. Call me a desk fetishist or whatever (there's a handy place for name calling, just click on the comments link :)), but then enable my freakishly curious nature and post a pic of your desk on your site. Comment here so I know where to peek at them. Oh and please don't tell my husband about my naughty, new internet interest...he may try to disconnect the high speed internet access and then I'd have to actually work all day.

Here's mine:

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Minnesotan Earthquake
They are working on the water mains right outside my house. There are these huge back-hoe machines pounding on the ground trying to dig down through the frozen asphalt and earth. My whole house is shaking like we are having an earthquake. and man, oh man do I feel sorry for those poor schmoes out there working in this weather.
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I Miss my Cat.
I keep thinking that finding him dead the other day was a bad dream. That just could not have happened in real life. I keep thinking he'll be curled up next to my pillow or on the sofa or he'll be along shortly to gently (HA!)remind me to put some food in the bowl for him. I go around all day thinking that something is missing, just not quite right. Then I remember. Babu is gone. I miss him.

It made me think, most people I run into out there in world have no idea that I'm feeling blue about my kitty. They don't know I'm having a rough time of it. It makes me think, we really don't know what's going on with people we meet. It seems like a good reason to treat folks kindly or maybe just smile at strangers more.
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Freezing My A** Off
Yup, it is Cold with a capital C here. 0 degrees yesterday and -5 today. The doggies can barely put their feet down. If I get more than a half block away from a dogs house (I'm a professional dog-walker), I risk having to carry them back. Even the hardiest of my client doggies is ready to jump back in the car after only a few minutes. On the plus side, we do have a new beautiful blanket of snow. It's really pretty on crisp bright days and the snow is still white and everything looks like a greeting card. In a few days it'll all be dirty and trompled, but right now it's still pretty.

A few updates:

The person who stood me up day before yesterday is a total wanker. I called her later to set up another orientation for the daily walkies and after much hemming and hawing she finally came out with the fact that she had already hired someone else to do the daily walkies, but she'd really like it if she could use me for boarding when she travels. I said yes we could talk about that, but I would not be able to go forward with her unless I mentioned how frustrating it was for me that she hired another walker and didn't have the courtesy to call and cancel our orientation meeting. I'm disappointed that another petsitter got the job, but that really is just part of the business, and not what I'm pissed about. It was the total disregard for the value of my time. You know what she said? She said, "oh yeah, I'm sorry about that. I just spaced it out." She said she "just spaced it out" about three times and every time she did I wanted to scream at her. OMFG just say you're sorry. "Just spacing me out" is so fucking insulting. What kind of person has the gall to say such a thing when they have been told how frustrating it is to have your time wasted. Bitch. Stupid. Worthless waste of skin.

One thing that's going really well is the new hat I'm knitting. It'll match my Harry Potter scarf and it is turning out really well. I tried it on last night and it is gonna be really cute. I totally love the ribbed cuff. the Rock Star said it's ribbed for my pleasure...

Have NOT, I repeat, NOT started xmas shopping yet. We are so gonna be hating it when we are stuck in the stores at the last minute.

Have, I repeat, have gotten lots of things crossed off my to-do list. The whole procrastination thing makes a good joke and an excellent blog theme, but as a way of life, I've grown tired of it. I am mostly caught up on business paperwork, we've gotten things done around the house and are getting more done this week-end. I have been pretty well on top of the paperwork for my mom's insurance. I am not making any promises that this productive period of my life will last, but I'm making the most of it while it's here.
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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I Try... be a good person. I really do. But, shit, man. I feel like I'm drowning in other people's badness. I get really fucking tired of having to maintain a service provider (read friendly, understanding, patient) attitude with clients who apparently don't give a thought in the goddamn world for anyone else. I got up this morning and got to a 9:30 am orientation with a prospective client. To do this I had to let my husband do all the shoveling and snow clearing on our property. Then I had to drive across town. Not that bad on a normal day, but we got snow dumped on us all day and part of the night and the roads aren't totally cleared yet. I showed up on the dot of 9:30 and she wasn't even home. When I called her at work, she answered and said, "oh, are you at my house. I'm sorry. I spaced it out." Jesus fucking christ woman, if I'd done that to someone I'd be groveling in my apologies. She barely even said the I'm sorry part. As a small business person still hoping to make a profit from this situation, I am constrained in how I can express my extreme frustration to her. I've never tried it before, but I'm guessing driving over to her office and smacking her one, would be detrimental to any future petsitting business I can expect from her. It would however be sweet to see the look of surprise on her face after I kicked her in the shin. (give me a second while I try to shake myself out of my violent fantasys). I did not say, "That's all right." She made a comment that makes me question if she is even interested in having me start daily walkies. I was so glad to get this new client because one of my best clients is dropping off the schedule til April 2004 and I really could use the replacement in my schedule, cash wise. Now I'm worried that its not even gonna turn into new business. and it pisses me off that I need it too, when I'd like to tell her to go to hell. ggggrrrrrrrr.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

High Quality Blog Content
In the category of wierd, what the hell was going on there Google searches, I bring you: "bulldog sperm collector machine". I was like 7th in the results for that. Maybe now I'll be first.

Wee-Ha!! We are the very definition of Classy here at Inspired Procrastination.
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Monday, December 08, 2003

So Far Today...
We had a hard time getting up this morning to run. Yesterday was clean up around the house again day and the bedroom/office was the focus. We put the bed up on a roller frame and the put a dust ruffle around it. It looks nice, but kind of hard to get used to. I've almost always had my bed on the floor. The Big Dog's bed was right next to ours and when she dreamt at night she kicked our bed repeatedly. I never knew til this morning how much that disturbed my sleep. Her bed is still next to ours, but she can't kick it now...I slept like a rock. That and I replaced my bad pillow with a good one and now I have two plump, soft down pillows. mmmmm, comfy. Anyhow, we slept well.

We did get up to run today and it was 15 min running, 1 min walking, 4 min running. I took it pretty easy because we've been off for nearly two weeks and I didn't want to strain my ankle again. It went fine, though and I think we'll be back in the full swing soon.

Ovulation week has ended and now we are just waiting to see if there's a bun in the oven.

I started the hat to go with the Harry Potter scarf I finished last week. Cast on 112 and worked out all the decreases for that, but after about an inch and a half and trying on, realized it was way to big. Tore it out and recast on 96. An inch and a half later it is still a little big, but instead of tearing it out I switched to one size smaller knitting needles. That ought to snug it up just enough in the ribbing. The part done on the bigger needles is the part that will fold back over to form the cuff, so it should work right. I'll try it on one more time after I finish the ribbing.

While we were running today, we noticed that someone had walked a slogan in the snow on Lake of the Isles. They had written "War Works" in huge letters in the nice snow out in the middle of the lake. Works to do what, exactly, if I might ask? Cost lives and money, sow seeds of dissent in our own country and seeds of hatred for us in other countries for generations to come? It's positively barbaric that in this day and age, our leaders think that the way to deal with other countries is with force. The Rock Star observed that he didn't think the ice was solid enough for walking and I thought how funny it would be if the dumbass who thinks "War Works" had fallen through the ice while he was doing it. Of course, I immediately felt bad for wishing that someone who disagrees with me politically should fall through the ice and possibly freeze to death...but not too bad.
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Missed It by That Much!
Gack! I had an appointment at 1:00 pm today, here at my house/office. I was running around like crazy to get all my visits done and be here on time. I walked up to my door at 1:03 and the guy had been here and gone already (he'd left his business card on my mailbox, that's how I know). I immediately called his office to have them call his cell phone and catch him, I mean he couldn't be that far away, right? They said they reached him and he'd call me back. Damn it!!! Damn it!!! Damn it!!! This is the collection agency guy, so I could take care of the Idiot non-paying client and now I don't know what's gonna happen. Reschedule I hope.
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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Blog Constipation
The thing is I think of things every day I wanna put in here. Why don't I, you ask? I'm Blog Constipated, that's why. I don't like Blogger and I don't like my current layout and I want to use pictures in my posts much more than I do. I plan on registering a domain name and buying web space and downloading and installing Movable Type (which I think will be the Blog Laxative I need). What's stopping me, you ask? Serious cash flow issues, that's what. I don't have the money to register the name and buy the space. Wait! STOP the presses!!! I just realized something (funny how writing stuff out, makes you think of things you may not have other wise). I was thinking I would have to buy a years worth of hosting at a time, but no, just checked the hosting site and I can buy it monthly. I guess that means I could get the domain and the first month for like $21.00. Well, ok, that's easier for me to come up with. But do I have enough time to do the installation, you ask? "Not really" is the answer (and could you chill on the questions for a bit, huh?). It feels like my "to-do" list gets longer all the time. And the installation of MT is not something I can do all by myself. My plan is to block out a couple hours of time when the Rock Star is home and start working on it. He'll help me if I get stuck. Once I get it installed, it'll take a few hours to get the basics figured out and any sort of rudimentary blog up and running.

~pause blogging~
~resume blogging~

OK, I just talked it over with the Rock Star. Given that he is on his way out to a few partys that I didn't feel like attending (see Babu post below for reasons) and won't be here to bail me out of any software installation messes I get in tonite, and that we have solid plans for all day tomorrow, and a crap load (notice a theme to this post at all?) of other things to do this week, I think I'll wait til next weekend to try to get MT up and running. The real problem is my immediate blogging constipation. We all know what can happen if we strain at these things (a blog hemorroid would not be pretty, people), so I'm just gonna write what ever comes out, do minimal editing, and publish the crap. Here we go...

Last I wrote we had just finished a great Thanksgiving holiday and BIL and BIL's GF were still here. On Sat morning I received a letter from a client that I had been trying to collect from since July. A little background on this situation: at the orientation meeting this asshole had me wait 20 minutes while he finished up his oh-so-important business call (like my time is not important, right?) and then (even though I instructed him to, no matter what time) he didn't call me when he returned from his trip, so I tried calling him and getting no answer I made a trip over to his house to make sure the dog was ok. I didn't charge him for that waste of my time, either. He set up a couple of jobs, then cancelled them, which is usually no big deal, and I told him I don't charge for cancellations, so finally I ended up doing three separate two-day jobs for him. He paid for the first and third one, but I never received payment for the dates of service May 12&13, which were invoiced on June 27th. Months later after he had ignored several phone calls about this I sent him a copy of the invoice in question and a report showing the three jobs I'd done and the two checks I'd received. He sent back a letter saying that he did not owe me any money because he did not travel on June 27th (he's looking at the date the invoice was issued, not the dates of service, what a dumbass). So I sent him the report again, explaining that I'm not charging for June 27th, that that's the date of the invoice and if he'd look more closely he'd see the services were performed on May 12-13 and he did indeed travel during that time, as I'm sure his records would show. With me so far? Good! Here comes the big fucking punch line. This past Saturday I get a letter from him in an envelope with my latest envelope to him unopened and his letter says he can't imagine what else there is to say, so he's returning my letter unopened. UH, WHAT?!! Hey dumbfuck, if you can't imagine what there is too say that is all the more reason to open it up and see what I've said. You can't send professional correspondance back unopened. It's like putting your fingers in your ears and singing LA, LA, LA, LA, I'm not listening!! Childish, mother fucking freak. Oh MY GOD, I was so angry and frustrated and I just sat here dumbfounded. GAH!!!

Nothing really to do about it, with more family festivities planned for the day, so I just tried to set it aside (with very limited success, btw) and enjoy the day. The Rock Star was showing some of his photographs in a local artisans show/sale and we spent a fair bit of time hanging around over there with friends. It was very nice and made me realize (not for the first time) what really cool, nice friends we have. The plan for dinner was to go to Nye's Polonaise Room (local Polish restaurant with great food, piano bar on one side and polka band/bar on the other). I don't do this very often, but I decided to get drunk. Really drunk. I have had enough stress lately to choke an elephant and I needed to let loose. Now you have to understand that I rarely (anymore) drink more than a glass or two (at the most) of wine. Not just because it works against our plans to conceive, but also, cuz I get drunk really fast and one glass is more than enough to achieve a nice buzz, with out turning into the obnoxious drunk I know I can turn into. So that night I had like six or seven. Dunno. Lost count somewhere. I was all over the place laughing and talking to anyone at all! I remember at one point stopping our dinner waitress (as I was on my way to the bathroom) to tell her (in my sloppy drunken slur) just how swell she was and all that. She was really nice and got me a big glass of water. Sure sign you're trashed is when everyone wants you to drink water.

~pause blogging to take the dog out (she has filled the room with noxious gas and I think I may faint)~
~resume blogging (once the air has cleared a bit)~

So anyways, I got schnockered and had a really great time. The Rock Star made sure I drank lots of water before I went to bed, so I guess the hang-over wasn't as bad as it could have been. But it was pretty bad. I was weak and sick all the next day. We went to the Sisco's and Deb made tacos and the Rollers came and it was a bunch of fun. And of course everyone made fun of me. Monday morning BIL's GF left, and BIL moved back in with us. They couldn't stay here while she was here cause she is extremely allergic to pet hair, especially cats (and our roving herds of dust bunnies might have killed her) . BIL and the Rock Star played Playstation for many hours and I called a few collection agencys to find out how all that works. Turns out they're perfectly happy to take on small clients (this bill is only for $44.95, but it's not about the money anymore), and I have an appointment to meet with them 12/8. I called the dumbass and told him I was sending the information again, and that I suggest he look at it this time. I told him if he doesn't respond, I'll be turning the whole thing over to a collection agency. I half hope he doesn't. It'll go on his credit rating if I turn it over to collections. That'd serve the idiot right.

I was still working on the second sock, and making good progress. BIL stayed til Wednesday evening. We love having him around, but I'm glad he went cuz ovulation started on Tuesday and the Rock Star and I needed to get down to some serious baby-making this week. and we have. Getting my stocking stuffed now (so to speak, nudge, nudge) will hopefully yield the only Christmas present I really want (I'm dreaming of a positive pregnancy test, just like the ones I wait...well, you know what I mean). Keep your fingers crossed!!

Thursday morning we ran (first time since BIL got here). 15 minutes is what we are up too and it wasn't too bad. I haven't gained any weight over this Thanksgiving. I'm proud of myself. My will power was going full force up until the hang-over. Then I slipped some, and had a medicinal double cheese burger from McDonald's. mmmmm, greasy goodness. On Thursday night I finished to sock I was working on (that marks the end of my first pair of socks!). They are super comfy & they fit perfectly. Someday I can show you pictures of each stage and the finished product. I also finished my Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf, by putting on the tassles. I totally love it. I have pics of that too.

Friday was the bad day. Hysteria and hours of weeping just wore me out. I still can't believe that he's gone. It's just so sudden and I still keep thinking it was all a bad dream. But no...he's not here. I really miss him.

We went to Bubba Ho-Tep starring Bruce Campbell with Nanc, Bil and Andy. The movie was hilarious and it was fun to catch up with them over dinner at Old Chicago afterwards. I started knitting a long pointy stocking cap to go with my scarf.

Today, Saturday, I had a PPSMN meeting and a couple of cat clients to see. Then I came home and tryed on the first inch and a half of ribbing on my hat and tore it all out cuz it's too big. I'll start over with less stitches or try it with smaller needles. I'll have to go to the knitting store for that. oh darn!! We had three parties we were supposed to go to tonite, but I didn't feel like it, so the Rock Star went ahead with out me. I'm gonna work on the hat a bit more I think, or do some other knitty thing.

That's it. I'm all caught up. Glad I was able to get it all out with out resorting to a Blog Enema. Hope you all feel better!! I know I do.
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Friday, December 05, 2003

Babu is my kitty. He is a beautiful cat. I describe him as "the only art I own". A strong minded cat with an imperious look that told anyone who saw that yes, this is his universe, and as long as we served him properly, we could live in it. I can't even describe what a perfect example of a cat he is. I found him dead this morning and I'm struggling to process the fact that he's gone. He was fine last night. He was normal. I had thought lately that he might be losing weight a little to fast...but there was no indication that we should visit the vet. I think he went suddenly and didn't suffer, but I don't know...I just don't know. My husband wrapped him in a blanket and we took him to the vet to be cremated. I had a hard time leaving his body there. He belongs here. Cats belong at home. That's where they should be. Sleeping by my pillows, or on my office chair. Laying across my desk or torturing the one plant I've managed not to kill. Curled up in the corner of the couch or trying to trip me as I go down the basement stairs. Head butting me for attention with his wet head, because he was drinking from the bathtub tap again. Scaring the bejesus out of any new guest doggies that came in the house and leading the to other dogs into trouble. Letting me know that I'd better get my ass out of this chair and feed him right now or he was just gonna keep bugging me til I did. This is a cat just filled with personality...he was my kitty and I love him. Can't believe he's gone.

I'm looking for a picture to post of him.
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