Saturday, January 31, 2004

I Can't Stand It Anymore
When we got up this morning it was minus 17 degrees. Frankly, I'm too cold to swear about it. It's like hell frozen over. We are attempting an escape in the morning. If all goes well, we'll be landing in San Francisco by lunchtime. mmmmmmm, mexican food.

I prolly won't be blogging from there, so ya'll have to get yer cussin' somewhere's else for a spell. Try Zam, she knows all my good ones and I bet she could come up with a few of her own...

I'll be back next Sunday (2/8). Hope you all have a swell week!!!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Local Temperature
Minus fucking ten fucking degrees. That's fucking not fucking counting the fucking wind chill fucking factor.

This was today. With the sun shining. Not tonite after the sun went down. Today. Sun. Minus fucking ten fucking degrees.

and get this. I was driving a dog home and I saw two dogs running up the street all by themselves. Quite often when you try to round up a stray it'll just run from you, but luckily these two came up to me and I nabbed them and got 'em in the car. Fortunately one of them had a tag with an address just a block away and I was able to take them home. Chase and Smokey's family didn't even know they were loose. They were very shocked to find I had them in my car and grateful. I'm just darn glad I was the one who saw them. They were having a fine old time, but dogs really can freeze up fast in this weather. Their paws get too cold and they slow down or stop. Then it's dogsicle city, man. But, all's well that ends well. They found their way home and are prolly getting treats in front of the fireplace right this second.

Minus fucking ten fucking degrees. That's all I wanted to say.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So I Says... the Rock Star, I says, "you know what happens after you have the baby, right?" and he says, "what?" and I says, "they send you home with it. ALONE!!!!"

That's right. Just two inept non-baby familiar people and a newborn human. Then you're supposed to figure out how it all works. That just boggles my mind. Now for those of you who've always known you'd be parents someday, this prolly seems odd. But I was always the "No, I won't be having kids." kinda gal. And now look at me. 9 weeks pregnant, nauseous and tired all the time and no end in sight (since we have the crazy notion of having a second one, so this one can have the joys of torturing a younger sibling, just like we did). All along, you were probly gathering bits of info here and there and storing it away for one day when you had some of your own. Me? I disregarded all the baby/child info that passed me, cuz I wasn't havin' any. So now where am I? Clueless? Well, not completely, but close. Worried that I can't handle it? A little, but hell, I'm a pretty smart person and the Rock Star, well, he's a freakin' genius. There isn't anything (that I've found yet) that he isn't a bona-fide wiz at. So while I know we're gonna figure it out, I'm a little concerned about ruining this first one in the process. I mean, you guys read about my sushi making learning curve right?

In other (but not surprising) news, I've successfully procrastinated on doing the invoices since last Monday. Time is getting really crunchy on this one, since we're leaving Saturday for a week.

Here's something very weird. I haven't knitted more than a row at a time in weeks. I started a pair of socks out of some self-patterning yarn (you just knit and the different colored stripes magically appear) after I finished the Fuzzy Feet. I got about 4 inches done on the cuff and damned if the yarn or something doesn't make me feel nauseous. I'm not kidding. Every time I think I'd love to knit on those socks, my stomach turns. It's very bizarre. I need a project to take with me on the trip. I think I'll have to break my vow (to finish each project before I start another one) and get some different sock yarn. grrrrrrr.

Big changes coming to the blog very soon. For xmas the Rock Star gave me a domain name and webhosting for a year, plus installed Movable Type on it. This past weekend the lovely Azure designed two beautiful skins and set up skinning on the new site. I just need to load a few things in there and then I'll be all set to move over to the new and improved Inspired Procrastination. As soon as it's all ready I'll post the coordinates to my blog's new position in the space/time continuum and hopefully I'll see you all over there!!!
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Friday, January 23, 2004

Not Much... say. Just wanted to write that I'm feeling a little better today. the Rock Star brought me flowers yesterday. He's so swell. No crying today. Some stress over a professional association I'm helping to form with some other pet sitters, but well, that crap is always stressful. Jamba juice, saltines and Chipotle to eat today. I'm gonna go to bed in a bit. Got snow to shovel tomorrow and I really had better do something about the invoices. yeah.
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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Cheered Up for Just a Moment
This looks so cool!!! Holy Crap! I love this!!! View the trailer!!!

(Snagged the link from Buddha.)
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Today is the first day I've had what I consider to be really bad pregnancy hormones. I thought it was bad before, I was a little emotional and such. Today though, it's different. I feel bad for even thinking what I'm thinking.

I'm wondering why we're even doing this. I'm wondering when I'm ever gonna be myself again? Will I ever be myself again? I loved our life before. I loved who I was and who he was and I loved that we had a reasonable amount of disposable income and time and we were incredibly happy with each other just living our life. We could have sex whenever we wanted to, we could drop everything and go anywhere anytime. I'm missing feeling good and healthy and strong. This being tired and sick thing is wearing me down. I can't seem to stop crying today. I know I wanted this baby, and I suppose the feelings I'm having are natural, but what if this is all a big mistake. What if I don't like being a mom? What then? It's not like you can return them. I'm scared, I guess. and I miss my old life already. and I feel bad for even thinking these things.

The Rock Star says it'll all be alright and I know it will. I do. We'll make our life what we want it to be just like we always have. But knowing that and feeling that are two different things. Today seems to be all about feeling. I'm better with the knowing part. I've always had control over my emotions and today it seems like they're controlling me. I don't like that. Besides, I can't think of a single thing for lunch that doesn't make me wanna heave. Fuck, maybe I should just go back to bed...
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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I'm Tired.
Worn out fucking tired all the time. I sleep all night (midnite til 10:15 am), then if I let myself I could easily take a 4 hour nap every day. I knew I'd feel tired during this period, but seriously, I'm starting to wonder if this is too tired. I put a call in to the midwives today, and they said if it made me feel better I could have my thyroid tested to see if it's out of whack. I've been hypothyroid for years, but it's all balanced out as long as I take my pill every day, and I do. Everyone says this feeling of exhaustion will go away in the second trimester, but by then I'm gonna be behind a mountain of stuff I haven't gotten done during the first trimester. oy. I can't drink coffee anymore. The acidity upsets my stomach. That sucks so bad. I'm a serious coffee drinker, but I'd cut myself down to one little (precious, delicious, life-giving) espresso a day. Now I can't even drink that. Fuck.

I'm too tired to be pissed off at all the dumb-ass drivers out there. Maybe aliens abducted all their turn signals? Why is it that folks can contort themselves to talk on their cell phones, write notes, and apply mascara, but can't turn around to have a look before they switch lanes? and what the fuck is up with sitting at a red light in the left turn lane with out you blinker on (leading all of us to believe that you're not turning left), then as soon as the light goes green you turn your fucking left turn on? Had I known you were gonna turn left, you dumb-fucking moron, I'd have gotten in the other lane (after using my signal and looking over my shoulder, of course), and wouldn't have had to sit here through the whole stupid light. But like I said. I'm too tired.
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Well, Zam had it right in her comment on the last post. Puh-leeze. Funny how well she's gotten to know me. and how well I know myself. They were supposed to be started on Saturday, I predict they won't be done til Monday (1/26). I just hate doing them. Hate it. Worst part is, my smarty-marty husband can help me make them easier and faster, if only I would install the updated software and blah, blah, blah. I'm the one holding up the remodeling project, too. I have a lot of boxes that need to be sorted through and things kept for a reason or thrown away before we can even start to make the basement a livable space. So ask me what I did today. Go ahead. Ask me!!

I napped. That's what I did today. I may be new at this gestating thing, but I'm starting to be really good at some of it. And napping is one of the things I'm best at. I laid down at 1:30 pm and started waking up again at 4:30. There are some things I don't procrastinate on and napping is sure one of them. heh!!

Something happened last night that I don't ever want to see again. It was truly awful, and I'm not kidding around here. My Big Dog (Big) was out in the yard and I went to bring her in. The yard is packed with snow, which is usually no problem, but right where you step down from the yard onto the dry sidewalk is where it is the slipperyest. That is also the spot where she is coming through the gate and turns to come right up the front steps. I called her name and she came romping around the bend at full speed and somehow missed her footing in that one spot and came down like an avalanche on the steps. I heard her head crack down on the cement steps. Heard. her. head. crack. down. One second she was all running and rompy and big beautiful dog in motion and the next the legs were all in the wrong positions and her head was cracking into the cement steps. She was dazed for just a moment, then got up and kind of shook off and stood there. I was aghast. Omifuckinggod it scared me. I got her up the steps and inside and made her walk around the house to see if she was limping anywhere, then I got down on my knees and hugged her head and cried. the Rock Star was checking her pupils to see if they reacted properly and I got out the bag of treats and started handing them to her. She seems to be ok, but let me tell you this, I don't EVER want to hear that sound again. Never. and if my child wants to play rough sports, I'm not watching. No way.

It's knitting group tonite. Hoping to get some ideas for a good first sweater project. I'll have to clean up before I go though. This day off napping thing made me stinky.
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This past weekend was much like last weekend, minus the Chipotle drama. I found something new and exciting: Jamba Juice!! I tried it for the first time and holy crap I love the Cherry Charger. Lately my appetite has been so hit and miss, can't seem to find anything that sounds good. And, of course, when I do it's expensive. These smoothies cost around $4.50. That's a lot!! But it is good nutrition so I'm not feeling too bad about it. It's funny, though, cuz it never got above like 6 degrees all weekend and then drinking a frozen drink everyday. I'm pretty sure I lost weight just from the shivering!!

We spend a lot of time lately talking about real estate. We own a house and rent out the upstairs and we have the main floor and the basement. It needs a lot of work to be ready to bring the baby home. So we can plan an extensive remodel, while we're living here. We've considered buying another house to live in and turning this one into a total rental. We could take over part of the upstairs and still have a little rental income, or we could take over all of the upstairs and have the whole house to ourselves. We could live upstairs, while remodeling the downstairs, then switch. Lots of choices. and a Deadline.

Trip to San Francisco planned for 1/31 - 2/7. It'll be nice to go somewhere warm!!! and the food!!! mmmmmmm. There's a Mexican place called Farolito right up the street from the BIL and the food is so fucking good. Quesadilla Suiza. mmmmmm and Dim Sum. We always have Dim Sum in SF. Oh how I love Dim Sum!!!! It's like all you can eat, but you don't even have to get up to go get it!!! The nice ladies come around with all the tasty goodness in bamboo steamers and its like my birthday except all the presents are food. I can't even describe how much I love Dim Sum. I get giddy!!! We plan on telling the Rock Star's brother about the baby when we're there. We're excited to do it in person!!

I really don't like the socks I'm working on right now, so I went looking for another project to knit. I'll need something fairly mindless for the trip. Knitting on the plane is great!! I'll prolly look again tomorrow.

I have the rest of the day to myself. No more doggies to walk today. I'm gonna work on invoices!! wooohoooo. not. And try to stay warm! Wish me luck!
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

First Prenatal Visit
We had our first Prenatal Visit yesterday. We are 7 weeks along as of this past Monday. Everything seems pretty by-the-book so far. They weighed me and I peed in a cup. A volunteer asked us all the questions for the Prenatal Profile, then we had time with the Certified Nurse Midwife. I could not have been more pleased with the interactions we had yesterday. No one tried to rush us and they paid close attention to our questions and gave us clear, understandable answers.

I expected a bit of a fight when talking about cat litter boxes and Toxoplasmosis. My situation is totally different than most people's in that I'm a professional pet-sitter. That means that I have cleaned so many more litter boxes in the last eight years than most people will in their entire lives. I have most likely been exposed to Toxoplasmosis and my research tells me that if I have been my body will show an immunity to it and it's not a danger to this pregnancy. It's only when you are exposed for the first time during pregnancy that it is dangerous. I make a fair bit of my living caring for people's cats while they're on vacation and I don't want to have to turn that down if I don't have to. If I've already developed an immunity, then I can keep doing that work (and collecting that moolah) with no threat to the baby. So I wanted them to do a titer for the immunity and I expected them to say, "No. Insurance doesn't pay for that." or something like that. But nope. She just nodded and made a note in the chart and in a couple of days I'll know if I have the immunity. If I find out I don't, then of course I'll quit the cat visits, and even if I do have it I'll continue to wear latex gloves and a face mask and wash my hands after every visit.

After answering all our questions the CNM did an examination and everything seems normal and in tip-top shape. She said my cervix is strong and thick and that my uterus is the size of a tangerine and tipped back. Nothing wrong with that, she said, just one of the positions it can take.

We have another appointment in 4 weeks and at that one we'll be able to hear the baby's heartbeat (and record it if we want!!). We're very excited for that. This week his arms and legs are forming and he is the size of end of my pinky. I'm still nauseous all the time and exhausted. My bowels can't seem to decide which is more fun, diarrhea or constipation. But even with all that, this whole thing is so interesting and valuable and just plain amazing, we marvel everyday.
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A Concept...'s called PERSONAL SPACE, people. Geez, some people waiting in line must think they'll get waited on lots faster if they stand right on my ass. Seriously people, that minimum wage slave is gonna ring at exactly that pace til her break time so just back the fuck up, ok? There is only one person in the universe that I don't mind in my space and that poor sap pays dearly for it everyday (it ain't easy being my husband)! What is the deal with crowding into other people? And really, standing way back of me would be in their better interest. I pick up dog poop half the day, fer cryin' out loud. and I'm harboring a vicious evil bitch behind this sweet, friendly smile. I'll turn her loose, I swear, I'll do it. Oh and same goes for tail-gaters. I just cannot figure out why some moron needs to ride up my ass to get to that four-way stop .0000005 seconds earlier. Sheesh!!
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Blog It Forward
Buzz is one of the coolest cats out there and when he says Blog it Forward, then Forward it shall be Blogged.

The idea is to pick a couple blogs you like to read and tell people why, maybe spread the word about some blogs that aren't really well known yet. I think my picks this time are actually quite well known, but I tell you this, I read them every day and you should give 'em a look.

Babzilicious is the greatest blog name and she is so nice and funny and real. She knits and she mothers and she writes things in a way that both makes me think, and is so warm and welcoming you feel like she's sitting there having coffee with you. Give her a look-see, if you haven't already!!!

Nefarious is a hoot and a half. His Word of The Day stuff is hilarious and he's just the right mix of smart and ass. Well, not ass at all, but he's a fine smart-ass!!! I do not miss a day of Nef. You shouldn't either. His wife is swell, too, and she blogged me forward today, so I'm saving her for next time.

I'm sure I'm the last person on earth to find Picklejuice (just having found her last week). Everyone seems to have gotten to this party before I did, but hell, it's still in full swing so I'm staying. This woman is seriously funny. No I am not fuckin' with you. Seriously funny. If for some reason you're still hanging around in the kind of hole I was in, drag your ass out and go to the Picklejuice party. You'll wonder what you did for fun before.
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So We're Standing There... Target this weekend, looking at the baby stuff, cuz that is so fun to do now. heh! and I say to the Rock Star something like we should start thinking of a theme for the baby's room. and without even taking a breath he says, "Lord of the Rings." Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! I laughed til the tears squirted out my eyes...but I'm considering it. We may've gone with the Matrix as a theme, but the last one sucked, so no way.
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Well, Now.
Another Monday, whaddoyaknow? Friday around 7 pm I laid down for a little nappy-poo and didn't get up again til 11:30 the next morning. Saturday was a day all about wandering around in a haze for a little bit, then laying down for a half an hour or so. It was also a day of mood swings. (ahhh, why does mood "swing", sound like so much fun, and feel like hell, especially to those around me). See, I'm normally a pretty easy going babe. But there is a vicious evil bitch inside me fighting to get out and sometimes she manages it. The pregnancy hormones seem to be on her side and I can't predict who all in this little family will actually survive the next 7 months. So anyways, we went to Chipotle for lunch. Seems like lately that is all I want to eat. I love Chipotle burritos. Even right now (it's breakfast time and I'm nauseated) I'm thinking mmmmmmmm, Chipotle. This baby is gonna be born either loving or being totally sick of carnitas burritos. the Rock Star and I always split the burrito (part of our weight loss/get fit plan) (and don't worry, I'm not trying to lose weight right now, just a whole one of those burritos is a ridiculous amount of food to eat at a sitting)(but I'd really like to eat a whole one, the pregnancy makes me want to continuously shovel food in), so I don't feel too guilty asking for extra rice. She just looked at me and digs down into the nearly empty container of rice and adds like 1 (maybe 2) grains of rice. Instead of saying, "I'm out of rice, you'll have to wait a moment." (which I gladly would have done) she thinks its ok to just pretend that she'd given me extra. It's not a matter of money. If they say, "You'll have to pay extra for extra rice.", I'd be all "Sure, no problem.". Anyhow, she passes our burrito on to the next guy and I tell him "I wanted extra rice on that." (in the vicious evil bitch voice). My husband is standing behind me and I can feel him tense up and he's probly embarrassed to be seen with me at this point. So the guy goes back to the nearly empty bin and scoops out another 1, maybe 2 grains of rice, but at least has the sense to say, "It'll be a minute for more rice." "No problem." I say. We wait, the extra rice is made and put on, the burrito is passed along the line, and finally finished. They wrap them in foil when they're done and use a sharpie to write what's in it so the cashier can charge you. I was glad it was nearly over, but when I looked and the tin foil was ripped, and the sharpie had written on the actual burrito, not the foil. So I say, "He wrote on it." The manager and my very patient, loving, afraid for his life husband both say something like, "Well, sure, they always write on it." And I say, "No. They wrote on the burrito, not the foil. See the black magic marker on the white tortilla there." Pause. "Oh." Then the manager springs into action to make the whole thing over again and I explain the extra rice thing, and all the other stuff I had on there and I feel like all the other people in line just wish I would not be so picky about rice, and toppings and eating tortillas that have been written on with sharpie, and what twist of fate caused them to be stuck behind me in line, anyhow, if only they'd not gotten stuck at that one red light, they would have been ahead of me in line and already sitting down eating their tasty burritos, instead of behind vicious evil picky bitch girl, berating every Chipotle employee she could catch hold of...So anyhow, the burrito is finally done, and paid for and we are sitting down and I'm feeling this completely heinous feeling of righteous shaking anger and guilt for having caused so much trouble (I fucking hate that feeling), and I'm asking the Rock Star, "Was I wrong?" and he's like, "Well, uhhhh, you maybe were kind of mean to that one guy, who was trying to help you..." and this whole stupid thing happened in so much less time than it took for me to write it all out. The burrito, btw, was delicious, and the Rock Star was saving his half til later, cuz he wasn't hungry, and the whole time I'm eyeing it...

We went to a dinner party that evening and someone brought venison medallions that were marinated in something garlicky then cooked medium rare, and holy crap was that good!.There is something primal about chewing off a hunk of half raw meat...

Sunday was the day of getting up, and getting stuff done. I finished a bunch of laundry that had been laying around for like two weeks, then hit the desk for some paperwork. I'm proud that I've come up with a monthly payment schedule for my quarterly estimated taxes and SEP contribution, so I don't get smacked with a big honkin' payment 4 times a year. Got my employee's paychecks all ready to go and a nice fat to do list ready for this week. A very productive day. At the end of it we sat down to watch Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness and eat yummy ice cream with caramel sauce. (Prolly shouldn't have had that second bowl.) Went to bed too late and Big Dog woke me up at 3 am and 5 am, needing to go outside (she has diarrhea again) and I feel guilty that I was so pissed off about not being able to sleep that I yelled at her...poor baby. She's so sweet and I'm so evil. I apologized this morning and in true doggy fashion she forgave me. This, of course, made me feel even guiltier.

We ran this morning. First time the temperature has been above 20, and below that is just too fuckin' cold to run. My lungs would explode. 20 minutes. That's all, just 20 little minutes of doing something that is good for me, and good for the baby. I just wanted to sleep...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our first prenatal appointment. We're at 7 weeks today. Holy shit. We're gonna have a baby. Holy shit.

There you go, the weekend in a nutshell and some random thoughts. Wish me luck keeping the vicious evil bitch under control today...
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Saturday, January 10, 2004

So... husband just walks by to say "Wow, why'd you go all Cujo on the Frosted Mini Wheats box when there's a pair of scissors sitting right there?" Grrrrrrrr.
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You Asked for It
For Zam & Nef:

Holy crappin' shit hell fuck!!! This:

Whompin' big sock!!

becomes this:

Little bitty comfy slippers!!
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Friday, January 09, 2004

I Think...
...that if you need a special tool or technique to open that stupid bag inside the cereal box they should attach or print it on the grassledyfrasslin box, goldurnit!!! Words of Wisdom for the World (tm, copyright, patent pending): Do not get between morning sickness girl and her frosted mini wheats!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Spare me!
Well, spare you actually. Instead of posting more ugly details of how I'm feeling in this, the first trimester of pregnancy, otherwise known as The "I Feel Like Crap and Only Want to Eat and Sleep, But I Have a Million Things to Get Done, Gahhhhh!!!" Days, I'm going to post a few pics instead. Besides, just because Dooce can write about hemorrhoids, constipation, not being able to pee (and all the other bodily functions that break down during pregnancy), and sound so funny and great that you think she is probly the person you look up to more than anyone in the universe, doesn't mean I can. Somehow she manages to sound cool and classy, and with me its more like that horrible moment at a party when a joke falls flat and everyone stands there silently, then someone feels sorry for you and gives you the sympathy laugh. Or worse, everyone looks horrified and someone says "ewwwwww, too much information" and you feel like the biggest loser on the planet. I'll try to remember that the only one who is obligated by duty and the law to listen to my whining about the breakdown of my various bodily functions is the guy who got me knocked up in the first place, not you my gentle readers. Notice I said, I'll try. No promises, kids. Oh, and about the unbelievably long run-on sentences in this paragraph...sorry, but that's the way the brain bounces today. On to the pics...

How cute am I?

This is my lucky charm, the Little Dog. She's a she, but she's named a boy's name. She came with that name. I adopted her from some clients nearly 2 years ago. I love the crap outta her, and so did they, but their human daughter was allergic so she needed a new home, a lucky break for me. She is cute, but don't be fooled, she is badness itself. I'd like to get video someday of how she knocks the metal, closed garbage can over and rips into that bag such that you'd swear it must have exploded from inside. Must be a real sight to see.

Is this the sweetest dog, or what?

The Big Dog is my first baby, my angel, the dog love of my life. She'll be seven in March. She was made for me during the roughest time in my life (I'd been widowed the previous year) and literally saved my life. I had nothing else I wanted to live for, until I made her love me and depend on me, so I couldn't kill myself and leave her here alone. It's hard to get the scale of this dog from the picture. The bed she is laying on is as wide and almost as long as a twin size bed. She weighs 150 pounds. I swear I didn't pose her with lambie like that. I just turned around from my desk and she was laying like that. Cute, huh?

My handsome, wonderful husband.

This picture was taken on New Year's Eve and my husband is so unutterably adorable, I thought I'd share it. I don't know if it's pregnancy hormones or what, but as I was looking through pics today, I saw some of him and just wanted to cry, I love him so much!

Whompin' big sock!!

This is one of the socks I just finished knitting. They are huge!!! That is a 12 inch ruler underneath. The idea is to shrink them up in the wash and they end up looking like this. Hopefully, I'll be doing that today. I'll post a pic after they're done, but before I wear them around the house and they are covered with dog hair and wild dust bunnies!

That's it darlings. Hope you all are having a good day.
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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Lemme ask you...
...What year is this, anyhow? 2004, right. Several thousand years of human civilization, all the way through the industrial age, into the technology age. We've put a man on the fuckin' moon, I tell ya' (unless you believe the Capricorn 1 theory), and how, HOW, I ask you, do we find out the lint trap on the hose that drains the washing machine into the utility sink is full? By seeing water squirt half-way across the flip flap fluckin' basement, that's how. GRRRRRRRRR. I am not fuckin' with you. It actually shot across the basement. Like a garden hose, when you hold your thumb on it. GAHHHHH!

Then walk upstairs to find the little dog has puked up the cocoa she snuck into kitchen and tore apart a bag for earlier today. That'll put you off chocolate for awhile, lemme tell ya.

And it is inhumanly cold here. Holy shit. Next time I say something stupid like "I really like the change of seasons. I wouldn't want to live somewhere where it's warm all the time...", would someone please just slap me. It's cold like it hurts to be outside. I have more and better gear than lots of folks, cuz when I used to walk dogs full time, I had to be out there a lot. I have turned into such a puss, it's unbelievable. I used to walk up to 16 dogs a day in this kind of weather. It was tough, but I did it. I have windproof, waterproof hats, neoprene face masks, gaters for my neck, all different kinds of layers for my upper and lower body, a good waterproof coat, thick and warm gloves, really excellent waterproof, comfortable hiking boots, and several pairs of $12 socks designed to wick moisture away from my feet to keep them dry and comfy. The only exposed flesh on my entire body is a strip across my eyes, between the bottom of the hat and top of the nose and cheek covering face mask. And still, the wind chill finds a way in. My body is clenched from it. I have a knot in my back that will take a burly former wrestler turned masseuse to work out. GAHHHHHH!!!!

Constant nausea from the morning sickness and now, wait for it, wait for it...the dreaded constipation. I can't imagine how I'm gonna push a 7 pound baby out if I can't even expel a half an ounce of poop. And I've tried, oh lord, I've tried. I'll spare you anymore details on that, but just let me say: Constipation makes me Cranky. Really fuckin' cranky. Go figure.

Well, there you go. I hope you're having a good day...really I do.
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Monday, January 05, 2004

Anyone Know?
I am so pissed off about the statement that Animal Planet made after the Croc Hunter took his baby into a pen to feed a crocodile. Yesterday I wrote the following to Animal Planet Viewer Relations:
I am writing to complain about Animal Planet's statement about the Croc Hunter taking his baby into a pen with a crocodile. This act was completely insane. Anyone who has seen even just the still photos can see that the child's head was not supported, was dangling and he could have been injured just by his father's movements alone. Not to mention the sheer idiocy of taking a 1 month old, completely helpless baby into a very, very dangerous situation. The Croc Hunter's response that he is trying to educate his child about crocs is patently absurd. There is nothing that a 1 month old baby is capable of absorbing and profiting from in that experience.
The Animal Planet's statement that a mistake was made, but that they know that this man would never harm his family is weak and stupid. He DID knowingly take his child into extreme danger. The act in question completely negates anything he'd ever done or said to show that he cares about his family. It is clear he only cares about grandstanding and attention for himself. This act was sickening. Just sickening. His program should be taken off your network. If you as a network continue to profit by a man capable of such horrific stupidity, then you are worse than he is. As long as your network promotes this man I and my family will NEVER watch ANYTHING on Discovery, Animal Planet or anything affiliated with them. I will active seek out which advertisers are promoting his show and I will NEVER buy anything from any of them again.

I fully realize that my gestures are small. I am one person and probly don't even matter to large companies and their bottom lines. But you (whoever is reading this) have to live with yourselves. If you can stomach making even a little of your living from this kind of spectacle, then I feel sorry and sick for you.

Today they replied:
Thank you for contacting Animal Planet.

Animal Planet does not support any activity that intentionally places a child in harms way. Based on the footage we have seen, we believe a mistake was made. That said, we know from the many years we have worked with Steve, that his family is the most important thing in his life and he takes his role as a father very seriously.

A reply to this message is not necessary. If you have any further inquiries or comments, please contact us via our webform at Thank you again for expressing your interest in our programming.

Viewer Relations
Discovery Networks

So I wrote back today to say:
I don't think you read what I wrote. I did not express an interest in your programming, I expressed outrage at your continued promotion of the Croc Hunter. You've replied with the statement that I was complaining about. Your statement says that you know his family is the most important thing in his life and he takes his fatherly role very seriously. My point was that obviously he does NOT think his family is the most important thing. He apparently thinks dangerous stunts to get attention are the most important thing. He obviously does NOT take his fatherly role seriously, otherwise he would not have endangered a newborn baby by taking it in reach of a carnivorous animal and swinging its poor unsupported head about in the process.

Your statement was weak and self-serving. Your statement should have been that you cannot possibly promote yourself as a family oriented network if you think it's ok for this man to endanger his child for attention. Your statement should have been that you will be pulling his show off the network and that you have no interest in profiting by his appalling lack ofjudgmentt. Unless, of course, you don't mind making money off of someone who would do things like this without apology. Because if the decision making people in your company feel comfortable making a profit promoting a person like this, then by all means, do continue. You won't be making any profit from me and neither will the sponsors of that show.

K, so what I want to know from anyone out there who reads this: Do you know of any internet or other resources to find out sponsors of a show or network (besides watching the show)? Once I know sponsors, I can prolly find ways to contact them. I don't usually get worked up about stuff like this, but I am just sick to my stomach about how people can turn their heads and go on doing business as usual in the face of something as disgusting as this.
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Sunday, January 04, 2004

I've been thinking alot about something I forgot to mention on that last post. This is the time of the pregnancy that we don't want to tell everyone. Keeping it to ourselves and few select people, 'til we are into the relatively safe zone of the second trimester. This is common practice I understand. The part that sucks is that feeling gunky all the time, you can't tell people why. We've decided I'll just say I'm hungover if anyone notices me feeling like crap. heh!
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Turns Out...
...I'm the whiniest little baby when it comes to being pregnant. All of you who've gone before me feel free to laugh (as if I could stop you) but I honestly thought (for various reasons) that morning sickness wouldn't be that bad for me. Pausing a moment while you catch your breath from laughing so hard. All I want to say is: BLECH! It's like having low-grade stomach flu all the flippin' time. I don't puke, of course. I just feel like crap. The nausea is nearly constant. and I'm exhausted. I only feel better if I'm eating or laying down flat on back. Neither one of those activities suits my multi-tasking lifestyle. I can't fix myself anything to eat, cuz I look around in the kitchen and every thing makes me more blechy. Fortunately my husband is happy to cook for me. It doesn't matter what he makes, if he puts it on a plate in front of me, I gobble it up. I will say that I'm very proud of myself for balancing my diet more than it has been in my entire life. The last year or so we've really improved our dietary habits and cut out most of the crap. We cook at home a lot more and I didn't have any problem giving up fast food and convenience store junk. Since I found out about the little nipper, I've been even more diligent about eating a properly balanced diet. I've been taking the prenatal vitamins for the last 6 months and they make up for anything I don't get right on a daily basis. One of my pregnancy books gave me some excellent ideas for good snacks and fast fixes and we stocked up the kitchen so I could always have something quick to grab. I'm motivated to eat well, by the fact that my body is building this little baby and I have an excellent opportunity to give him the best possible start in life. But this post is about feeling BLECH all the goddamn time. I know my formerly pregnant friends mean extremely well when they tell me it'll only last the first trimester, but shit man, that's mid-February! I can't really get excited about feeling this crappy til then. And as usual, there are no promises. Knowing my luck I'm gonna be blechy til the kid is twenty or so. Any tips on dealing with this would be appreciated :).

s'cuse me. Gotta go lay down again.
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